TIGSource Interview: Matt Hammill

By: Derek Yu

On: December 21st, 2007


Matt Hammill is one-man-show behind the beautiful action/puzzle game Gesundheit!, Comic Dice, and other fun, nifty things. Recently, Steve “moshboy” Cook took the opportunity to ask this talented Canadian illustrator/game developer a few questions about life and the pursuit of gaming.

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  • haowan

    A fun interview. I’d be interested to hear more about art direction and where those influences came from, and how the art was prepared and animated.

  • http://doomlaser.com Golds

    Really nice read. I love Gesundheit, and I kind of hope it wins the IGF student showcase, if only to movitate Mr. Hammill to keep working in games.

  • Zeno

    Darn it, I thought this said Mark Hamill…

    Still good, though, even if he doesn’t have the force.

  • raigan

    I also read “Mark Hamill” :)

  • Anthony Flack

    I’d be interested in hearing more about the music, and also about how you go about scoring freelance illustration gigs.