Text the Halls: Voting

By: Terry

On: December 26th, 2007

tthtreeText the Halls is finished! A huge congratulations to everyone who took part, and to everyone who tried to take part!

We’ve had a total of ten entries, titled:

  • Breathe
  • Capture Santa!
  • The Christmas Party
  • Midwinter Rites
  • My Magic Tire Hoax
  • Panorama
  • Snowblind Aces
  • The Snowman
  • TIGSaga
  • X-Maton 2010

You can find more information (and download links) on the forums, as well as information on where you can find interpretors to play the games. Voting will run for a week, starting now [Edit: Due to a mess up on my part, we have to restart voting. If you’ve already voted, please take a moment to vote in the new thread (linked above).]. A lot of the entries are quite short, so that should be plenty of time to play them all and make your mind up!

Oh, and authors – we’re also holding a Miss Congeniality contest, IFComp style. Send me a PM on the forums with your votes if you want to take part!

  • Benzido

    What happened to ‘Don’t eat the yellow snow’???

  • rz.

    what the hell is a miss congeniality contest?

  • http://www.distractionware.com Terry

    rz. : Wow, *relax*. A Miss Congeniality contest is one where the winner is decided by the entrants. I figured that was pretty clear from the context in the forum post.

    Benzido: Seriously? :) That wasn’t a complete entry, it was a three line forum post!

  • moi

    I would like to place a vote for don’t eat the yelow snow.for miss conginality. whatever that means.

  • http://gnomeslair.blogspot.com/ gnome

    Ah the joy, the joy… Ten i-f wonders…

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