Game Giveaway of the Day: Zombie Smashers X2

By: Derek Yu

On: February 6th, 2008

Zombie Smashers X2

I just noticed that you’ve got about 9 hours left to download the full version of Zombie Smashers X2 (all 171 megs of it!) from Game Giveaway of the Day. This game is like River City Ransom plus zombies, and you get tattoos to upgrade your fighting abilities. Do I really need to say more? Get this now.

Okay, well I’ll add that the creator of ZSX2 is currently working on The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, for XBLA. The Dishwasher won Microsoft’s Dream-Build-Play XNA game competition a few months ago, and looks fantastic.

(Image Source: old ZSX2 page on

  • Derek

    As usual, make sure you INSTALL the game before the time limit runs out. Just downloading the zip isn’t enough.

  • Premodern

    Don’t forget the awesome ska/punk soundtrack. I got the game a while back for $20 and it was definitely worth it.

  • Karzon

    I played it last time it was offered. Fun.

  • Smithy


    Is the greatest day of my entire LIFE.

  • Advenith

    It might play like River City Ransom, but does it have the horrible dialog?

    Vinny: Is this fun yet?
    Biff: BARF!

  • JTR

    What’s in the full version that’s not in the demo?

  • GreatFox

    Jesus Christ! Only 24 minutes remaining. ,_,

  • Trotim


    Oh whatever, it’s probably not that great anyway. *pout*

  • Exoduster

    It seems like every time that site puts up something worth playing, I miss it. Now they’ll revert to their usual schedule of Mahjong clones and generic war games until I lose interest again, then put up another gem.

  • Ryan


  • Stwelin

    way to break the layout Ryan. :)

    I really want to play Dishwasher samurai and… not this.

  • rz.

    missed it.

  • Smithy

    Best dialogue ever!

    Ninja: You! You will pay for this!

    Me: Nonsense!

    HAHAHA! Classic!

  • Nikica

    Missed it too but ZSX is better !!!

  • Shih Tzu

    Villager: You guys are the Zombie Smashers, right?

    Hero: That’s right.

    Villager: But you can also smash ninjas, right?

    Hero: It’s possible.

  • MisterX

    Just wow. I’ve never really been into this kind of beat ’em ups. I mean, playing Turtles on the SNES with a friend was great, but most other games like this I know are mostly just clones of the exact same formula. Well, apparently ZSX2 is not very different, but damn is it fun! Once you got your first tatoos (I only got Kung Fu for the quadrillion-hit-combos so far) it just gets totally mad with Zombies being punched through the air and Ninja heads flying around. Simple but great fun :D