Mighty Jill Off

By: Derek Yu

On: March 1st, 2008

Mighty Jill Off

Mighty Jill Off is a vertical platform game by dessgeega (aka Ancil Anthropy) that has you climbing a tall tower to please your mistress. The controls are based on Mighty Bomb Jack (hence, the game is a “Jack Off,” only starring a female character). You have a high leap that can be shortened with another press of the jump button ‘Z’.

The game is short (< 30 minutes) and you are meant to die many times on your way to the top – the game saves your progress every couple of screens. Your time is recorded and displayed to you at the end of the game. I think my best is around 11 minutes.

Mighty Jill Off can get repetitive and a bit frustrating at times, forcing you to make more than a few precise jumps off the very edge of platforms to avoid bumping your head on overhangs, monsters, and spikes. But overall I enjoy the simplicity and retro vibe… my only real beef with the game is that you have to keep tapping ‘Z’ to stay afloat, which is more of a challenge of physical stamina rather than skill or reflex. But then again, this is a game who’s plot revolves around BDSM, so maybe that’s entirely appropriate!

I want to mention the cutscene artwork and music, too – both are quite cute!

  • gustav

    I like the Z-smacking :D
    Not usually too into games like these but i really enjoyed this one all the way through. Can’t help but feel that a lot more could’ve been done in terms of level design, though.

  • Melkor

    my best time was somewhere around 15 minutes first playthrough, and I don’t think I’ll ever be bothered to try again. I’m not very good at platformers, and I never beat nikujin so I’m quite proud :D

  • mots


    I’m surprised i finished the game.. somewhat easy but frustrating.. I totally got off at the end though.. *wink*


  • Chris

    Fun and fair game with cute sprites and funny intro and ending comics. What’s not to like?

  • Kvalsternacka

    Fun in it’s simplicity. I love these kind of games.

    Exactly 9.30 on second go.

  • Blueberry_pie

    Huzzah, 11:13 on the first go. Neat game.

  • gustav

    i got 22 on my first… i hate you all >:0

  • Hyudra

    18:10. I thought the cutscenes were absolutely hilarious.

  • Pita

    Is this game crashing immediately for anyone other than me? :S

  • Julius

    This game has provided me with excellent fapping material.

  • Lackey

    What the devil, maybe because it’s four in the morning but this took me 42 minutes. It seems to go on forever, towards the end.

  • John H.

    I hope the game isn’t as mind-bogglingly obscure as Mighty Bomb Jack was, what with its incredibly secret passages and items to find.

    (By the way, a friend of mine calls the original game Super Explosive Joe. My own favorite name for it is Mediocre Safety Xavier.)

  • Hunty

    Maybe I’m doing something wrong; I spent about five minutes in the “countdown” room because the countdown was taking about 10 seconds per tick. Is it going faster on everyone else’s computer, or am I wrong in thinking that it’s a countdown, and the number is actually decreased by something else?

  • Derek

    You’re wrong. ;)

  • Hunty

    what am I supposed to do in that room, oh mighty Derek?

  • gustav

    do what jill does best!

  • Hunty

    oh… oops. I’ll go back and try that.

  • Andiaz

    Took me like 30 minutes. D:

  • Kloi

    26 minutes and 31 seconds.

    yes, i suck.

    the end made me laugh though.

  • Lim-Dul

    Yeah, yeah – all I ever do is complain BUT the insta-quit Esc in this game really pissed me off…

    I had to go AFK for a minute or so and didn’t want to die mid-section and thought that I might pause the game by e.g. hitting Esc but the game exited immediately instead without any kind of prompt – I had to start right from the beginning. GRRRRRRR!