“Blueberry Garden” Sneak Peek Trailer Looks Sweet

By: ARelativelyHotGirl

On: March 6th, 2008

Blueberry Garden creator Erik Svedäng mentioned this new trailer on the forums. It looks and sounds beautiful. However, the gameplay remains a mystery so far…

  • moi

    Cave story rip off

  • iom

    Halo rip off

  • Stwelin

    *kiss* *kiss* *kiss* *kiss*


  • rodnonymous

    some sort of lo fi aquaria?

  • teknogames

    huh. whats the goal?

  • GirlFlash

    this looks like the kind of game I could fall in love with, hopefully it will play like it too. (also, the trailer makes me want to watch Amelie ^_^)

  • gameboy

    Shit game ripoff.

  • Fishy Boy

    All the physicsy-ness and 2d view kinda remind of Little Big plant, really. It looks pretty awesome.

    Also, I may just snap if I hear the phrase “rip off” again. Maybe.

  • Zulgaines

    See, kissing leads to babies! Jizzabells! Harlets!

  • moon_rabbits

    potential for awesome = very yes.

  • MrBig

    I have to admit that this game does look interesting… but why the hell does the main character look like they have a raging case of herpies!?!?! What the hell is that thing on (his/her??? – their) face???

  • Zaphos

    Where is your mind, MrBig?

    I am pretty sure it is a beak.

  • Derek

    I wish my herpes looked like that. :/

  • Hooker with a p*nis

    Interesting – very interesting indeed! Looking forward to this one! Actually the flying part (mainly the character animation) reminded me of Aquaria as well.
    Hey Derek! I just read your Nosferatu FAQ you made in 2004. Great read and thanks for the tips! =)

  • haowan

    This is the next Best Thing Ever

  • MrBig


    What is, Herpes?


    If that’s a beak then I apologize… I just couldn’t make it out… but you have to admit it looked more like a runaway lip-job than anything else. No wonder their ass is so much tinier than their face (mouth). ;-)

  • http://www.modernpunches.org JJ

    The look and feel is very different. Somewhat surreal and ethereal. The dimensions through which the character walks through is very different too. odd shapes. Very interesting.

  • Hooker with a p*nis

    Somehow this actually reminds me of the original moomin series that was actually drawn by Tove Jansson. Not the anime made by japanese.

  • Hooker with a p*nis

    way to actually go and overuse word “actually”.. =)

  • Victo

    I actually think having a name based on a Tool song makes you immune to word abuse.

  • Hooker with a p*nis

    Victo: I actually had to initiate myself by fellating Keenan but it was worth it ;)
    No seriously, If you refer to the guys who think they’re smart becouse they listen to Tool – I hate the bunch. Nah. I used to be a huge fan and the name kinda stuck (still one of my favourite songs though). Nowadays I’m just fond of their music.

  • Joola

    I think it’s a tomato.