Least I Could Do

By: Xander

On: June 3rd, 2008

Apparently it’s impossible to be a webcomic in the 21st century without having your own video game to go along with it. The newest in this growing breed is the game from Least I Could Do which is an entirely awesome comic based around the adventures of Rayne Summers as he teaches us about life, laughter, sex, trying to become pope, adopting street urchins to build you pidgeon launching catapaults and of course, %&ing a bicycle.

It’s still VERY early stages, as you’ll see from the animations above, and apparently it’ll be an old school action-platformer whilst being a strong parody of the original Super Mario Bros. I’m a little cautious about it myself, as it is much too early to really say how it’ll turn out. Of course, that’s where you guys can come in! The author ‘Ryan Sohmer’ is currently looking for people with video game/flash programming experience to help out on the project, so if you feel up to it just hit up the forum and fire him off an email. Who knows, you may just save Christmas.

UPDATE: Apparently I missed out that a Looking for Group is also in the making and the same request for help applies to that too. So you no longer have to choose between sex and elves. Good times…

Happy Gaming/Grinding/Ginormising!

  • Zaratus

    I haven’t actually read Least I Could Do, but I *have* read his other webcomic, Looking For Group, which is fantastic.

  • Dominic White

    Of all the comics that could be turned into a game, Least I Could Do is probably one of the worst candidates.

    Perhaps a particularly corny TV sitcom, perhaps, but a game? No. Please. NO.

  • Xander

    Yeah, Looking For Group is awesome!

    He’s also responsible for getting me into the George R.R Martin fantasy books too. Which I’d be happier about if I could remember where the hell I put ‘A Game of Thrones’. Here’s hoping for at least a Richard cameo! The bunny mount would make an awesome Yoshi at least…

  • Zulgaines

    Ctrl + Alt + Delete is next, the game can be about your journey to recover from a pissed off fanbase after releasing a dark comic about a miscarriage and dodging your new found 4chan meme status while you’re at it.

  • Indian Gamer


  • Gr.Viper

    Ok, so when is Yahtzee Takes on the World: The 4X Strategy going to be announced then?

  • Zeno

    I’d have to imagine that a CAD game would reuse the same animations over and over again and have lots of unnecessary dialog over-explaining jokes that weren’t funny to begin with.

  • Xander

    By the logic VGCats would use all the computer’s processing power to generate ridiculous and physically impossible character expressions before it used the remainder to destroy the level and rebuild one that it’s girlfriend thinks is funnier but ultimately means you can only acctually play it once a week at best.

    And I’m finding the 4chan meme’s far too funny about CAD.

    I also don’t see a LICD game being that terrible a prospect, but I was definitely expecting it more to turn out like a 21st Century Leisure Suit Larry. Not… mario…

  • Robert

    Wow, that guy is so happy he can walk, crouch and jump. I like his enthusiasm.

  • muku

    I don’t care about all those mediocre webcomics. If anything, the world needs an xkcd game.

    With raptors.

  • Zulgaines

    and what were you raised on? Halo?

  • Obscuritan

    CAD: The Game would involve palette-swapped sprites and mountains of B^U and walls of text blocking your path.

  • Troy RULES

    The CAD game would be a point and click game with LOTS of talking and pretty much nothing happening.

  • MisterSmith

    I’d like to second the notion of an xkcd comic.

  • Anarkex

    An xkcd game would be confusing half the time and depressing the other half. The goal would be to work with a member of the opposite gender to code a program of obscure purpose using an equally obscure programming language, and simultaneously write complex statistical equations to describe the number of times you fall asleep in each other’s arms during the project.

  • Phasma Felis

    …You know, I’d play that.

  • muku

    Me too.

  • Rolf

    They should make a game based on Looking For Group.

    Oh, wait.