Preview: Love

By: Derek Yu

On: July 25th, 2008


Procedurally-generated world. Procedurally-generated characters. Deformable terrain. Day/night cycles and environmental effects. Massively multiplayer and online. ONE developer.

Do I even need to mention that he’s a Swede? …I imagine that Eskil Steenberg, like hearty Obelix from the Asterix comic books, might have fallen into a cauldron of Swedish magic water when he was a kid.

But perhaps I’m being too presumptuous, seeing as the game is still in development. In any case, Love certainly looks beautiful, with computer-created graphics that look painted with a brush. And its cooperative gameplay, though vaguely outlined at this point, sounds very different from your average MMOG.

Eskil’s development blog is full of interesting musings, too, so check it out. I like his latest post, in which he defines his own independence:

Why am I making this game alone? Its a question I get over and over and sometimes ask myself. I think I could get a job at a Game developer, maybe even a big name one. Many people dream of working at Valve, id, Blizzard or Nintendo, but i don’t see what I would do there. They do fine without me, and I would rather play their games as they are, then trying to change them. Sure It would be cool to have a biz card from one of those companies, but isn’t it the people who built those companies who deserve hand them out?

…Like everyone else, I have game design documents, scripts, pilots, deigns [sic], books, and ideas lying around, but at some point you have to be asking yourself, Do I want to spend my time trying to convince the world that I have potential, or do I want to spend my time actually doing something.

(Thanks, Data!)

TIGdb: Entry for Love

  • Secret Admirer

    Are those in-game footages?


  • The North

    This looks ridiculously awesome.

  • Pip

    The indie Okami?

  • muku

    Astounding. Another Tarn Adams?

  • LopinRD

    That fella made an awsome comment about his own work and ideal…. Now im hooked to this game just because of that comment.

  • falsion

    The graphics remind me of the first Street Fighter IV trailer (the one with Ryu and Ken with the paint brush strokes, before they changed the graphics style). Awesome.

  • falsion

    Except this is in real time, which is amazing.

  • Quetz

    I’m totally keeping an eye on this.

  • GirlFlash

    I’ve not played it, but I’m still in love anyway!

    (true pun!)

  • Captain_Duck

    Sounds good, but this is far to ambitious for a one man project. Im sorry to say but this will probably never come out.

  • Captain_Duck

    The guy is welcome to prove me wrong though. I would like this to come out.

  • FISH

    this is perhaps the game im most excited about right now.

    like a dwarf fortress for people who care about art.

  • !CE-9

    this is profoundly intimidating, and so is Eskil and his talent. my jaw has dropped in a black hole.

  • chad

    just a note– obelix is a gaul, i.e., he’s french.

  • Gutter

    it’s weird to see a “Fall into the magic cauldron” reference explained :)

    But I’m french, so I grew up watching Asterix and Obelix. (the movies are hilarious in their original french BTW.)

  • wat

    So, are you guys putting this on the “Active Development Watchlist”?

  • Pnx

    In-game footages??? where?

  • Phasma Felis

    a picture

    another picture

    If those are actually in-engine, then holy living *fuck*.

  • Quetz

    Here! lol. That’s pretty old though.

  • Data
  • Dusty Spur

    This game looks really interesting and *very* pretty. I’m definitely excited for this.

    Also, the fact that most of the related videos on GameTrailers are of hentai games made me laugh.

  • bateleur

    The one thing which really worries me about this game is “Massively Multiplayer Online”. So that means when everyone else stops playing it I don’t get to play either? And I wonder how long the server will be maintained for?

  • noname

    Those companies wouldn’t hire him anyway. Imagine seeing that kind of horrendous spelling and grammar on a job application.

  • Karuvitomsk

    ^His English is quite good, actually, judging from Love’s site and his blog.

    Have system requirements been released yet..?

  • Quetz

    Ahh thanks Data, I thought the choppiness was just my computer.

  • HostFat

    Those companies are seeking developers and not PR …

  • v-rus

    If this doesn’t win an igf award (or three), I have no idea what will.

  • Mruqe

    I used to be an active NOCTIC IV community member ( – you know). Love reminds me of NOCTIS in many ways. I wonder if mr. Eskil played Alessanro Ghinola’s masterpiece.