Plus – Free Indie Soundtracks

By: Derek Yu

On: August 7th, 2008

Plus / Rescue the Beagles

II (“Pause”), the retro/chiptune music label and community, has launched a new section to their website called Plus, which is specifically devoted to free indie/doujin game soundtracks. So far there are only two albums available, the Rescue: The Beagles OST, composed by Disasterpeace, and the Another Bound Neo (doujin FPS) OST. Label co-founder and artist Phlogiston says more are on the way, but he’d love to see developers contact II and release their soundtracks. You might recall that Phlogiston is the musician behind cactus and VilleK’s Brain Damaged Toon Underworld, among other things. He’s also collaborated with the chiptune music collective 8bitpeoples.

Great idea! Developers, submit your music – I hope to see many more games on there in the future. And definitely poke around the rest of the II catalog, too.

(The Rescue: The Beagles album art displayed above is by the very talented Annabelle Kennedy. Full version of the artwork can be seen here!)

TIGdb: Entry for Rescue the Beagles

  • Trotim

    This is awesome. What kinds of music do they accept?

  • Eirik / Phlog

    We accept any music from indie and doujin games, and with time maybe even indie film scores if there’s any interest for it. As long as we enjoy it, we’re willing to put it out.

    And the label name is pronounced “pause”. Don’t you get it?

  • Derek

    I get it! Well, now I get it. Okay, so I didn’t spend enough time thinking about it. ;__;

  • Nikica

    Great work Annabelle, as always :)

  • Fishy Boy

    I agree. That art is just absolutely gorgeous.

  • Rich Vreeland

    Thanks for getting the word out!

    By the way it’s spelled “Disasterpeace”


  • Derek

    Dammit I fail at posting worse than the goddam cute little panda!!!

  • GirlFlash

    aquaria soundtrack?

  • Kvalsternacka

    Omg seconded. Please. Sick panda agrees, I am sure.

  • w

    I can’t wait for Brain Damaged Toon Underworld…

  • Paul Eres

    We’ve already released the Immortal Defense soundtrack free on our forums — — I’ll have to look into contacting him to see if he wants to put that up there. However, it’s not retro or chiptune, so I’m not sure it’d fit?

  • Paul Eres

    Argh, does that spam filter take out everything with a url? :(

    Derek, could you unfilter the comment that it ate?

  • Chris

    Great idea!

    The *Rescue: The Beagles* soundtrack doesn’t seem to include all the music, though. I mostly used the Aesqe music when I was playing.

  • Derek

    Paul, the comment has been freed and Phlog has already stated that “as long as we [Pause] enjoy it, we’re willing to put it out.” So yeah, go for it! :)

  • konjak

    I wouldn’t mind you using Noitu 2’s soundtrack. :)

    I must flaunt it.

  • PoV

    Super Awesome

  • Paul Eres

    Thanks Derek.

    I sent them a message using their generic contact form, I didn’t know if I should use that or if there were some other way to contact them. That form didn’t allow URLs either, funnily, making it hard to let them know where the soundtrack is.

  • Rich

    Hey Paul,

    You can always send us demos at [email protected]