coign of vantage

By: Derek Yu

On: August 15th, 2008

coign of vantage

In Bobblebrook’s coign of vantage you assemble 2d pixel icons by rotating a cloud of floating 3d pixels. Which is kind of a Fez-ish idea used in a different context. I like it, although I’m not inclined to play it more than a couple of times. I sorted a little over 50 images and thought that was pretty good, but I’m nowhere near the highscore board.

In fact, the coign of vantage highscore board is so far away from me that I’ve only heard about it in hushed whispers.

(Source: Kieron Gillen, via Rock, Paper, Shotgun)

TIGdb: Entry for coign of vantage

P.S. Wondering what a “”">coign of vantage" is?

  • toasty mofo

    i got bored of this once i figured out that all the pixels are pretty much in a line pointing towards the camera when you’re in the right position.

  • Biggerfish

    That was a really nice game, the sounds were nice, the visuals were pretty and it never put you down (the worst I ever got was “Pretty Good”). Also the music.

    While the game itself was pretty easy, it was made me feel great.

  • EarMeNow

    I can see the drum, but I can’t quite line up the pixels!

  • Very nice concept.

    But shit game.
    All you ended up doing was making the smallest blocks close to you, and getting frustrated when you couldn’t rotate it the right way.

  • Dusty Spur

    I was only able to get 10 pictures. It’s really easy to see how to rotate it, but ridiculously hard to actually make it rotate the right way.

  • toastie

    That first poster wasn’t me, by the way :P
    I think this game is great.

  • w

    got to 32
    fun I guess, but I’ll never play it again

  • Scott

    No, that’s all you ended up doing

  • Solace

    Find the cone, point the cone toward the camera, win. Easy. Unique, but… way easy.

  • Dock

    Wow, this is pretty striking. It’s very to see such an original idea and a great visual experience.

  • guesst

    I got 51 on my first run. I would have gotten more except I was going to bail halfway and read the rules, then I noticed there was a ticking clock, so I finished the round. Seems to play better with a touchpad.

  • Melly

    Like it’s been mentioned the basic problem is that the gameplay is far too easily exploitable. I could have continued indefinitely if I wanted to, and you didn’t even need to see the picture on the top right to line it all up very quickly.

  • barold


  • increpare

    Agreeing broadly with the comments above, I’ll just say that I found it to be a very pleasant (probably once-off) playing experience.

  • -___-

    Interesting concept, and it was done quite well. Easy if you know how to do it, but ridiculously hard if you don’t. I twore thin after about a half hour.