Tormishire Trailer

By: Shabadage

On: August 18th, 2008

James is hard at work on his new game Tormishire, a rather nice looking Metroidvania-styled game. For those unfamiliar, James is the creator of the game Satan Sam that made rounds on the internet a few years back.

“How does that tie in?” you may ask.

“Why it’s a spiritual sequel, and it’s not already on TIGS! I also felt that this post was very short!”

Fortunately, for those of you UNFAMILIAR with Satan Sam, you can find it at his site here!! Trailer goodness time!

James’s Blog!

  • Shabadage

    I love posting in the past from the future!

  • Gutter

    Oh noeee, here comes the clone comments!

  • ZENO

    Metroidvania is the best genre ever, no argument.

  • Melly

    Looking fantastic. Like the little music too. Hope it’s in the game.

  • Tanner


  • Quetz

    I’ve been off-handedly watching this since around when it was first announced. Lookin’ good. Liek the musix too.

  • muku

    Ooooh shiny. Very pretty indeed. Is this going to be commercial?

  • Dusty Spur

    I love metroidvanias, so it’s pretty much a given I’ll be checking this out. It doesn’t hurt that it’s so pretty.

  • Fishy Boy


    In all honesty, this game looks amazing. Can’t wait for it to come out.

  • v-rus

    looks like a sweet-ass game. Mostly cause Metroidvanias are my fav, but also because this game looks insanely polished.
    Strangely, there were parts in the vid that reminded me of Gish and Aquaria

  • Psychotronic

    Ooh, I’m all tingly now. Thank you for making this.

  • Quetz

    If you like the look of this, definitely check out Satan Sam. You know, if you aren’t already.

  • BearBot

    cave story ripon

  • Exoduster

    I gotta say, I really didn’t like Satan Sam. In theory everything was all right, but there were all these little details that felt like they were thrown in just to piss me off, while the developer steepled his fingers and said “Excellent…”

    But this looks like it may be worth checking out.

  • BeamSplashX

    Yeah, the old card James has decided to crack open our wallets to help unleash Tormi’s wrath.

  • Victo

    Woot, a new metroidvania :D I sincerely hope it’s not half as hard as Satan Sam …

  • namuol

    putting this one on the watch list :)

  • Trotim

    Satan Sam was pretty mediocre, but this looks very promising.

  • Zulgaines

    Satan Sam was pretty meh, I mean, the game itself seemed like it should of been awesome… but it just felt unpolished and sketchy in too many areas.

  • This is the first intelligent comment

    I’ve stopped counting all the ripoffs in that trailer.Srsly. It’s like he took all the popular indie games and mixed them.
    That said, the game looks nice, but what’s with all the slowdowns?

  • Mark

    Cave Story was a HUUUUGE metroid rip off.

  • Dusty Spur

    What the hell is the point of pointing out ripoffs any more? Hasn’t just about everything already been done to death anyways? Sure, not every idea ever’s been used, but how many of those ideas would really change anything for the better? A game has to stand on more than just originality.

  • Codemonkey

    Every platformer is a mario ripoff.

    Take that.

  • Chris

    Looks great. However, I saw a bit of slow down in the trailer. Maybe it was for artistic effect or just a video artifact, but if it’s in the game, that’s nearly a deal breaker for me.

  • failrate

    Mario is a hopscotch ripoff.

  • Tanner!

    Wow! The graphics are totally inspired by Yoshis Island on the SNES! That makes it extra bcool!

  • Martin_Bodger


    Looks great!

  • haowan

    Been following this for absolutely ages. Looking forward to it! Very interested in the ideas about procedural story…

  • Dr James

    Cheers for posting the trailer :3

    For all the clone comments – I started making this in 2005, before I even heard of Underside, Aquaria and all that. I’ll give you Cave Story but I always thought visually it was more an evolution of the 2002 Sam, what with the foreground rocks and jizz.

  • haowan

    The clone comments are all very tired and very silly jokes, pay no attention to them.

  • B

    Yes, ignore the retarded folk. They don’t understand the effort and willpower involved in working on a game for 3+ years. A lot of love has clearly been put into this, and it looks excellent. Nice work, James. Any idea on a release date?

  • Radix

    Hm? Working on a game for n years doesn’t mean much until the product is done and the quality is a known factor. Some of us are just really lazy. I’m not saying anything about this case (I haven’t even looked at any of his hypestuff), just that “effort and willpower” don’t have a lot to do with development time in a generalisable way.

    And guys, don’t draw Jimmy into a plagiarism discussion, even as a joke. It’ll go from funny to heartbreaking in the end.

  • Eclipse

    satan sam played horribly, i hope this one has a better gameplay (seems so from the videos)

  • contra

    Yeah enough already with the lame ripoff comments/jokes.
    Game looks great.

  • Dusty Spur

    video games? bunch of tennis for two ripoffs

    lol im clever

  • B


    Effort and willpower has everything to do with it; maintaining focus on a game over a long period of time; not losing faith in it; striving through the periods where it’s just not fun to work on. This is regardless of quality. If you don’t think it takes effort and willpower to work on, and finish, a game on your own over a long period, in your spare time – then you’ve clearly never tried. Anyone who manages to do that gets my respect (especially when the quality also looks to be high, as is the case here).

  • Dord

    Ignore Radix, he’s an idiot, heh :P

  • Del Duio

    ^^ No, he’s not. ^^

  • Dord

    Wow, if that actually IS Del Duio, you’ve got a cheek considering James hosted your crappy game.

  • Del Duio

    It is, but you need to narrow it down more because I make a lot of crappy games! =)

  • Del Duio

    But seriously speaking, just because you might not agree with somebody else doesn’t automatically make him an idiot. C’mon, that’s grade school stuff you know that!

  • Dord

    It is, but you need to narrow it down more because I make a lot of crappy games! =)

    You said it, lol.

  • BeamSplashX

    Games are life ripoffs.

    Seriously, I dive into caves and save the world every other weekend or so. You don’t even wanna know how many senseis I’ve avenged…

  • Stij

    Satan Sam was fun but the controls felt very…slippery and the game had lots of cheap moments. Hopefully this will be more polished – it’s looking good so far. I’ve always been a fan of James’ stuff, I used to read his blog pretty regularly.

  • Klika

    Tormishire and Satan Sam uses the same engine which you can tell from the video. The main character even uses the same animations. So you’ll probably get an equal amount of slipperiness.
    Also, Aquaria.

  • Dr James

    Klika- it’s a different engine entirely. Slower paced, lighter gravity, no acrobatic jazz. 360º swimming is nothing new and something I have in the design docs since 2005 (since I never liked how most of these adventure games handle swimming) long before Aquaria was even announced. :)

  • Dord

    To be honest, Aquaria was ruined by a blaggy storyline and the voice actress.

  • OrR

    Funny, that’s what made Aquaria work for me…

    But the post is about Tormishire which looks like it could indeed be very awesome. B)