Chex Quest 3

By: Derek Yu

On: September 11th, 2008

Chex Quest 3

Wow. 10 years since the incomplete Chex Quest 3 beta was released on Digital Café’s website, Charles Jacobi (the original Chex Quest artist) has finally finished off this epic FPS trilogy! Chex Quest, a total conversion of Doom, was the first video game to be released in a cereal box, and garnered a relatively large cult following.

I don’t know about you, but I miss the days when video games and cereal made sense. When LIFE made sense.

Chex Quest 3 contains zero percent of your daily nutrition requirements. However, it does contain upgraded versions of both Chex Quest 1 and Chex Quest 2, as Episodes 1 and 2. It also runs off the fancy-shmancy ZDoom engine (but can, and should, be played as a standalone game).

(Thanks, NWOGBBV!)

  • Valkyrie




    I loved the first Chex Quest.

  • BMcC

    Whoa, I remember this! Up until now I had simply written it off as the fevered imaginings of a troubled child — something never to be spoken of again. But it’s truly, actually real!

    *Today… I am set free.*

  • BMcC

    I might have to ban myself if I keep this stuff up.

  • Trotim

    Nooo! Your comments are truly beautiful.

  • Alehkhs

    0_0 I’ve been waiting for this day…

    ::Revs up Super Bootspork::

    The only good Flemoid is a zorched Flemoid!

  • toastie





  • Lurker

    I should point out that you’re better off running this as a standalone game. I’ve tested it in both ZDoom and the unofficial GZDoom, and neither one natively supports the Chex Quest rule-altering code. He did some bizarre back-door setting changes to get it to work =P

  • cecil



    i remember when i got this in my cereal :'(

  • !CE-9

    “I don’t know about you, but I miss the days when video games and cereal made sense. When _LIFE made sense_.”

    fucking fuck yeah.

  • Elmernite

    This is one of the happiest days of my life! Chex Quest was the first first person shooter I ever played. It Rocked!

  • BishX

    So, since this game is being released outside of Ralston’s influence, does it let you actually kill the enemies instead of ‘transporting them to their own dimension’?

  • BeamSplashX

    Bish… that’s just not the Chex way!

  • Lupus

    This is awesome! I loved Chex Quest when I was a kid.

  • MDK

    but I fuckind LOVED IT. I remember the sludge and.. holy shit. The giant level.. with the boxes.. the memories..!!

  • McAndrews

    I am actually crying with happiness.

  • BishX

    In episode 1, level 2 (Storage Area), I’m having some weird clipping glitches near a ‘Power Lift’ in a teleported area to the east side of the map. (Accessed by the west-most teleporter off of the main room). Anyone else had this happen? I might just have to skip this level with a cheat, I suppose.

  • diki

    had the same glitch; but the level can be completed regardless of that.

  • BishX

    Oh, okay. I just assumed I was stuck. Thanks! I wonder if this will come up more in Ep1 and Ep2…

  • wormguy

    Oh. My. God.

  • Alehkhs

    BishX and others: I wrote Mr. Jacobi about the clipping issue (a missing texture). It is now fixed, and the download is updated on the forums

  • haowan

    I’ve no idea what this is, but I think it’s awesome that it’s making so many people happy.

  • Taylor

    Just seeing this article made my day so much brighter. Can’t believe I had the patience to actually complete Chex Quest back when it came out (IN MY CEREAL).

  • Jabberwock

    Holy crap. The childhood memories around that first Chex Quest game… I haven’t even thought about it in years.

    I’ve got to play this.

  • Moosader

    TIG should produce cereal, and give out games in it.

  • Rolf Soldaat

    How often can you say:
    “I was saving the intergalactic federation of cereal the other day, and I got attacked by some robotic slime monsters.
    I was all out of zorch, so I had to chain-spork them before they could get through my cereal armor.
    Good thing I recently ate a supercharge breakfast.”

  • harkejuice

    genious marketing, I ate chex ceral for half my childhood cause of chex quest 1-3 (cookie crisp was the other half)


  • BishX

    I beat all three episodes yesterday for the first time. This new episode is definitely a worthy successor. It beats the crap out of the first two in terms of level design. Lots of good, clean fun. Awesome job.

  • ChrisL

    My friends look at me like I’m crazy when I start talking about game.

    Of course, I do tend to get fanatic about anything that involves spork based weapons.

  • Veon

    Chex Quest was my first FPS, oh the nostalgia~

    This is like getting a sequel to childhood.

  • Cybolt

    I still remember the time when I begged my parents to buy me a box of Chex since it came with this game. A few short years later (and a Chex addiction to boot), the game has come back! Time to go fire up the game.

  • Hooker with a BeViS

    Is it too much to ask to expect it to come with plastic figurines? ..even with the kind that gets stuck to your throat when you accidentally swallow one with a spoonfull of cereal? =/

  • Snow

    According to Wikipedia, there’s also a Chex Quest 4, but the author isn’t releasing it yet. Anywayz, pretty cool. Wish I would have gotten the first game via cereal box.

  • Benny

    I still have four or five sealed Chex Quest CDs lying around somewhere.

  • fivedollar

    finally, my life has validation.