By: Derek Yu

On: September 28th, 2008

(Courtesy of Paul Eres, Unicorn Lover)

  • alspal

    That is the most random thing I have ever seen! :S

  • Secret Admirer

    And that’s the beauty of it

  • duck

    There’s no beauty without smoke.

  • bateleur

    That’s awesome! Seumas McNally grand prize winner fo sho!

    When they say magic unicorn, they mean seriously magic.

  • Kovski


    The controls look like a bitch to handle…

  • Fishy Boy

    This game actually looks sort of frightening, what with the unicorns popping out of nowhere.

  • GirlFlash

    where would you have the unicorns pop out of?

    this totally looks like the best unicorn game ever <3

  • Trotim


  • Bubbinska

    Did anyone else read the name and near-immediately assume that it was a joke and would have blood and death metal?

  • Jeedee

    @Bubbinska Haha yea. I was waiting for the sadism to begin. But no, its just unicorn and marshmallows

  • Benzido

    I’ve never seen anyone play a game so wonky in such an expert manner.

  • Teknogames


  • Joshua

    I am both transfixed and terrified.

  • falsion

    Reminds me of Umihara Kawase, in terms of the grappling hook and music. Except the difference here bing you can spawn unicorns that fly out in any direction, which is quite… odd..

  • falsion

    For the record, there are no unicorns Umihara Kawase. Only a grappling hook and relaxing music, the similarities stop there. But this game.. I mean, wow… unicorns? I mean, what?

  • falsion

    *unicorns in

  • Defacid

    Bubbinska – Yeah, me too.

    I lol’d when I saw the horse gallop up.

  • jeb

    In Sweden (and probably other countries as well), you can choose your own title in the phone book.

    “Unicorn Lover”.

  • namuol

    this looks like a pretty hardcore platformer

    really. o_o

  • Mruqe

    Unicorns. Riiight…

    Interesting mechanics, though. And the general game’s presentation looks quite coherent, actually. In a scary way o_O

  • Sew

    I can safely say that it has, without a doubt, the hardest unicorn related end-game of anything I’ve ever been associated with.

  • Defacid

    I was expecting hate when I called the unicorn a horse. -_-;

  • Krypt

    I grew 13 vaginas working on this project.

  • Scott

    Seems to be a surge of grappling hook type things

  • permanent

    The only thing about this game with any feminine appeal is the title. The game itself was clearly designed by guys who play too much video games.

  • BeamSplashX

    Rule 34 of video games:

    If there are games, there are versions of the game with unicorns.

  • Paul Eres

    The Last Unicorn is actually my favorite movie. It’d be nice to see a game based on that.

  • c–b

    @Benzido: Agreed, it was masterfully played, perfect even.

  • Anon


  • machinesoldier

    Bionic…. Unicorn?

  • BeamSplashX

    Grapple with your Bionic Unicorn Horn!

  • Pretzelking

    Paul, you have problems. Real, genuine problems.

  • Paul Eres

    A life without problems is like a forest without unicorns!

  • Pretzelking

    Real, horrible, strange, cringe inducing problems…