Tumbledrop (Beta)

By: Derek Yu

On: October 6th, 2008


In dock’s Tumbledrop, the goal of each level is to drop the pink star onto the island by pulling out the pieces from underneath it, one by one. It’s a simple and fun game that benefits from having a sharp design aesthetic (dock did character art for the WiiWare platformer LostWinds). If you want to see conceptual work for Tumbledrop, check out his development blog.

Definitely one of the few puzzle games I’ve played where I actually enjoy the anthropomorphic pieces. I’m hoping that if I play Tumbledrop a hundred more times then the Snood creatures will finally stop visiting me in my nightmares. I swear to God, if anything is slumbering in the dead city of R’lyeh, it’s those horrific beasts.

Tumbledrop is made in Unity, for the Unity Awards 2008 competition, and as such, requires the Unity browser plugin to play. It’s a very quick, and painless, installation, so I think you should just do it, okay! The full version of the game will be updated over the coming months with more levels, and medals that you can win for each stage.

  • wut

    I could’ve lived a happy life without knowing about those snood pieces.
    Fuck you, Derek.

  • Adamski

    Awesome game! Had me hooked for a while, until I accidentally clicked on a link under the game :(

  • http://chaoseed.com/garden John Evans

    It reminds me a lot of Totem Destroyer.
    That’s not a bad thing, though.

  • lp

    level 6 and 17 are the same!

  • Game Designer

    We… just finished up level 17 and need to tighten up the graphics a little bit!

  • Scott

    On level 5 restart moved actually knocked the star off its little starting area

  • deadeye

    Fun game :)

  • Blueberry

    Great game! And harder than it looks. I came to level 11 (and got stuck, hard!) and ended up spending a lot more time on this than I had planned. Love the Barbapapa aesthetic.

  • Dock

    lp – Holy crap, don’t know how that happened! o_o I’ll be sure to fix that!

    Derek, thanks for the feature! I really appreciate it! ^_^

    Snood fills me with fear! I can’t believe there’s a Snood 2 on DS!! O_O

  • Lunix

    Is there a download version? I am quite plugin-averse.

  • http://www.casualexplosion.com Uesugi

    I hate weirdo plugins, and the Unity one is no exception. Make a regular download or (if you have to) a Flash version otherwise I’m going to have to miss this fun-looking game.