Cave Story Wii Interview and Trailer

By: Derek Yu

On: October 14th, 2008

Here’s an interview with Tyrone Rodriguez, the producer of Cave Story Wii, where he discusses the game and their partnership with Pixel. Big reveal: Nicalis is aiming for a holiday 2008 release, and a 500-1000 point (EDIT: $5-$10) price tag. More videos on the blog.

Um, for those of you who haven’t played the game, the interview is slightly spoilerish. Yes, I’m talking about you, Dan and Maria Branowsky of New Jersey. You’re the last ones. Get to it, already!

  • annabelle

    before anyone complains about the sound or anything – READ THE BLOG!

    everything is WIP, especially the sound mix.

  • BenH

    I’m still one of the few people who hasn’t played Cave Story, mainly because the sound engine crashes both computers we have in this house :<

  • ChrisL

    I may have to shell out the cash for a Wii just for this.

    The graphics look good. Maybe not quite as iconic as the original, but the new detailing looks really nice.

  • SeiferTim

    So, curious, for someone who has not yet been able to obtain a Wii, how much is 500-1000 points in real money?
    I love the PC version, but I’ve never found a decent PC controller…

  • Gutter

    @SeiferTim : 100 point is 1$ in most market (ie 1 CND$ = 100 pts, but so does 1 USD…). Some market like Australia pay 1.50 AUS$ I think.

    So between 5 to 10 USD, which is more than fair.

  • lunchtime

    500 – $5 USD
    1000 – $10 USD

  • lunchtime

    i like to eat lunch

  • Rolf

    Nice move giving away the main character’s name in the interview Tyrone.

  • Adamski

    The blocks with faces look really tiled now they have more detail :(

  • BeamSplashX

    I just came to the startling and heart-rending realization that I have NOT, in fact, beaten Cave Story. I have a save file before the end boss fights on a computer I don’t use anymore…


  • MikeK

    Ah, i dont have a Wii. :(

    I honestly only have the capacity for one console per generation. one online-hooked-up-plugged accessorized whateverthehell. Its my 360, and i hardly even use it. Put it on the 360 XBLA!

    Game looks great.

  • Nemo07

    I mentioned this interview in the “updated Toroko” post, so I’ll just summarize my thoughts on it…

    – Misery looks wierd. Why does she not have as much hair as in the original? Her model and speech-tile have the same color hair now, though.

    – The backgrounds look like they took the originals and flattened/smooshed them with a rolling pin. Ick.

    – Offscreen footage looks like shit! We need some onscreen stuff to see what it really looks like.

    – Tyrone has a creepy stare and doesn’t blink normally. *shivers* He also gave away a big spoiler. Bad Tyrone! Bad!

  • Ezuku

    -Spoiler alert-

    I didn’t think that the main character’s name was a spoiler?

    When’s it actually announced in game anyway? (I’ve beaten the game, not the secret level though). I thought his name was only on the website (kinda like whatsherface in portal).

    -End Spoiler-

  • Valkyrie

    I think the new Quote is starting to grow on me. I looks really good so far, and I can’t wait for this.

  • !CE-9

    a port + a new appearance for an old game. the game was awesome, but this is just a skin and some new music, maybe some content which isn’t changing the gameplay in any significant way. what’s the hype about?

    “probably one of the most well known indie games probably in recent memory.”

    aren’t indie games very ‘recent memory’? (well, that is if we don’t count that parallax scrolling beat’em up puzzle by that Australian dock worker guy from 1854.)

  • Genshiken

    Nice style?cool enough to attract me

  • Anon


    Ezuku: Curly tells you your name at the Plantation when she regains her memory after you give her the little mushroom guy found at the mimiga graveyard. So it’s not only at a very late part of the game, but it’s also more than possible to play through the whole game (not including Ballos) without knowing your name.

    Correct me if I’m wrong…

  • MedO


    To “fix” the sound crash issue, open the windows Control Panel, Sounds and Audio Devices -> Speaker settings -> advanced settings -> System performance and change the hardware accelleration slider to the second lowest setting (actual names may be different, I’m translating the labels from german). I had the same problems until I found that fix on the internet. Don’t forget to change it back after playing, to get full audio performance in other games.

  • Rad

    Anon: You have to do all the secret stuff, including reviving Curly’s memory to fight Ballos, so no, to ENTIRELY beat the game you learn your name

  • Anon


    Rad: Yeah, that’s what I said, no? But you can still beat the Undead Core and get the regular “flies away on a sky dragon with Sue and Kazuma” ending without ever knowing your name.

    Just saying :)

  • ben2theedge

    I don’t think the new graphics and music are particularly bad… more just kind of pointless. If they really wanted to add some value to the product they could have added some Pixel-created/endorsed side stories or extra little scenarios or something – actual game content instead of purely cosmetic changes.

  • BeamSplashX

    Well they never said there wouldn’t be. But you’re probably right, dammit.

  • Hooker with No Bevis

    My thoughts on the new look and graphics – doesn’t look too appealing to me. Luckily I can choose to play with original graphics and music.
    But I agree with Ben2theedge: extra lenght or optional sidequests would have been more sensible thing to add. I mean, of course I’d love to pay just to support Pixel, but since the game is free for PC it feels a little stupid to pay for new GFX that I’m going to turn off anyway.
    Just my opinion though.

  • Quetz

    Does Quote’s walking animation look really stiff and (more) robotic to anyone else? His walk was very bouncy and lively in the original! Otherwise I like the new graphics, if only as an alternative to the classic set.

    As for the music, I hope Pixel isn’t just approving it for the sake of not causing conflict. It just doesn’t seem up to par with the original music, so I hope it’s going to change before release.

    The fact sheet said 10 weapons and 20 bosses. Weren’t there 9 weapons in the original? Unless I missed one, there _is_ new content being added, awesome!

  • Quetz

    Oh, I missed the super rocket launcher. Guess there won’t be a new weapon :c

  • Mark Johns

    Yeah, I’m fine with the art changes, but the cheap sounding General MIDI music sounds actively terrible. It is not, as the wiiware developer suggests “aa more conteporary sound”. It just sounds amateur in-your-face bad…

  • sfried

    “As for the music, I hope Pixel isn’t just approving it for the sake of not causing conflict. It just doesn’t seem up to par with the original music, so I hope it’s going to change before release.”

    All of this is WIP, and as usual, the music is one of them. I don’t think Pixel is approving things for nothing (the footage shown is probably slapped together for Nintendo Summit/TGS’s sak)e. Check out the Nicalis blog to see the work he’s done.

  • Mark Johns

    People keep saying “Don’t worry, the music is a WIP”. But the problem isn’t the arrangement of the music, the problem is the sound palette sounds pretty much like a General MIDI audio palette — the kind of thing you hear in bad klik games.

  • sfried

    I am aware of that. It would be suspect for them to use general midi soundfonts for the final build of the game, though. I already voiceed my concerned with that by telling them they should at least make it sound like it was coming out of a Roldand MT-32 or something like it.

  • Danny Baranowsky

    i don’t live in new jersey, i’m not married, and i HAVE played cave story! WTF?!?

  • Waffles

    Well if you don’t live in Jersey, then it’s not you.

  • I never saw grass or flowers in the original game so now I HAVE TO GET IT.

  • namuol

    it’s pretty clear this is still a work in progress; many of the tiles appear to just be upscaled and filtered a bit. It’s especially obvious when they show footage of Balfrog.

    That being said, i’m lookin’ forward to seeing/hearing the new content.. when it’s finished.

    i think Nicalis should avoid releasing footage with lots of unfinished content.. especially the music.

  • Hooker with No BeViS

    Whew.. Thank god it’s still unfinnished. I thought the work looked ans sounded really unpolished in a BAD BAD way.. =)

  • moogled

    well i guess any changes are bound to be met with some opposition, but I`d love it if they gave a menu option for NEW / ORIGINAL sounds and art.

    A lot of the games’ charm to me is the beautiful low-res art and not-overworked music.

    Although it might now be possible to see a scarf flap, sometimes less is more yeah.

  • Eclipse

    i’m really not able to get the point of showcasing WIP music and graphics…

  • sfried

    “i’m really not able to get the point of showcasing WIP music and graphics…”
    Nintendo Summit deadline. Perhaps they felt the need to show something. But I agree…bad choice considering the nitpickers.