Love: First Trailer

By: Derek Yu

On: October 16th, 2008


Rock, Paper, Shotgun has an exclusive trailer of Eskil Steenberg’s impressionistic MMO game Love. Lovely visuals. It’s nice to finally see the characters roaming around and… fighting with one another! In the most beautiful way, of course.

And the music, by Ian Dorsch, fits perfectly, in my opinion.

(Thoinks, Kao!)

  • permanent

    Excellent! But guns and shooting? Maybe only the graphics / level design is innovative.

  • alspal

    This looks quite solid in its current state, can’t wait to see how it actually plays.

  • rei

    The combat felt really out of place. It looks and sounds great though.

  • egasimus

    The combat’s awful. I was expecting to see something more along the lines of Asian fantasy flicks, such as Hero or Flying Daggers.

  • Valkyrie

    It’s like the bastard child of Quake and Van Gogh. Interesting….

  • gustav

    huh… i thought the whole deal would surround players nurturing a world together or some such.

    oh well. peow peow!

  • Bas

    I had the same reaction too about the combat, but on the other hand: just because I didn’t expect it, it also had something cool and original.

  • FISH

    the world is amazingly beautiful, but yeah, there’s a pretty severe disconect with the world/art and the combat.

    i thought this game was mostly going to be about walking around and making shit with friends.

  • Movius

    The combat looked pretty rad. Shooting things, hiding in forts, killing some more things.

    I’m pretty sure the combat it serves the purpose of “Something to do.” Those not on the true avant-garde cutting edge of artistic expression may not have heard of it, but a lot of game developers are starting to include this “Something to do” in their work to augment the true meta-agency of the actor’s experiences.

  • diki

    i just hope they don’t plan on including the noisy/grainy effect of the video (i don’t mean the graphics, but the gritty flicker on top) in the final game. i find it quite straining to the eye …

  • MisterX

    Hehe, the combat gave me the same reaction. All those very atmospheric, abstract landscapes and suddenly.. Gunfire? Blood? Explosions?
    I won’t be jumping to conclusion, but at least in that video it looked very out of place.

    I don’t think something like Blockland (build anything you like – and then if you like, use it as a battleground) would be too bad, but I am also still expecting something suitably abstract, like in The Endless Forest.
    But alright. Waiting, seeing.

  • Melly

    It’s too early to tell what this will be like, but who knows, it might be fun, and it doesn’t have to be ground breaking in every aspect.

  • alspal

    like spore

  • Eclipse

    ehm, yeah nice graphics for a demo but i’d rather play quake 3

  • neon

    as everyone else said …the combat kind of ruined it for me. but it was generally awesome.

  • jph

    Ha! Movius your funny,. I agree though, having an actual ‘game’ built into the game may be a good thing,. shooting stuff is usually sorta’ fun, and in this case I suspect it will provide some grounding to the settlement building/exploration,. a reason to build defendable positions,. and work together with the others to servive. Balance of all his interesting intentions will be very important,. .