Preview: Scrap Metal

By: Derek Yu

On: October 22nd, 2008

Slick Entertainment, which put metanet’s N+ onto XBLA, has announced their first title, Scrap Metal. What little information there is about the game so far is in this video. Cars. Guns. Explosions! I love Rock n’ Roll Racing, so I’m already excited about this. But as I already suggested to Slick’s Nick Waanders, “I want to see more colorful colors!”

  • Eclipse

    well nothing too original (looks a lot like death race and ignition for the pc) but at least looks well made

  • Fishy Boy

    Looks very good, but I agree with Derek, it needs less grayness.

  • TeeGee

    It looks a lot like Death Rally, and man, I loved Death Rally. Nothing too original, but I haven’t played such game in a while and this one looks good so far.

  • aspirina

    The real world is brown, don’t forget it, kids.

  • sinoth

    Hmmm… excellent graphics, great polish, no conspicuously large pixels, no chiptunes, no eccentric theme worthy of a meme, and no textures made in MS Paint?

    What are we now THE HALO GAMING SOURCE? THGS. Thuuugs.

  • WarpedEye

    Death Rally, Ignition and Rock n’ Roll Racing?
    Call me intrigued.

  • Bezzy

    Looking good! I’m a big fan of MicroMachines from back in the day. I enjoyed it so much I actually burnt out two carts!

    Handling looks like it’s way more interesting than most top down racers, and also, lots of other stuff to play with ontop of that.

  • merc

    looks pretty much identical to ignition. with added guns.
    listen to the police car siren, btw.
    familiar, ain’t it?

    @aspirina: it’s brown only in eastern europe ;)

  • Naufr4g0

    It looks alike all my favourite car games.
    For me it’s awesome!
    I can’t wait for it. =)

  • Guesst

    @merc – It’s a police siren. You don’t expect a lot of variety in the sound.

    I agree. More colors, less brown and gray.

  • Sninnyer

    Looks orsum.



  • Eclipse

    yep sorry was Death Rally… awesome game.

    Anyway it doesn’t need more colors, only an LSD bonus object

  • not only xbla pls

    is this a xbla title?! if so… ohh nooo!!

  • kees


    I’m the artist who is working on the graphics for Scrap Metal and I appreciate the ‘colors’ comment.

    I agree the colors can be a bit more vibrant. So I’ll work on that.

    The youtube compression also removed a lot of contrast from the video, so that doesn’t help either, but your comments still stand.

    As for being compared to Death Rally, Iron-man, Rock & Roll racing. That is exactly what we set out to do with this game. To make a current generation version inspired by those games.
    If you play any of those games today, you’ll probably agree they don’t hold up so well anymore because games have evolved a lot from the 1990 graphics, physics but also gameplay meganic.

    So hopefully once the game is done Scrap Metal will feel like the spiritual successor of some of those games (yea that is a lot to shoot for, hopefully we will deliver!)

    Thanks and your comments are very helpful.

    Slick Entertainment

  • SomeOldDoor

    It looks like Death Rally, but good.

  • Dave

    That looks rad. I used to love Iron man and now there are guns and explosions.

    Sign me up.

  • Melly

    If there’s one thing I learned from Gears of War is that the only colors in the world are grey, dark blood and muzzle flash.

  • Melly

    Looking good though. I remember Ignition being one of those games I really loved playing back in the day. :D

  • Hideous

    TIGsource DOES make a difference! Go Scrap Metal!

  • JW


    and mashed is also pretty good

  • jdeuel

    reminds me very much of the racing levels in Blast Corps, in a good way!

  • GrogLvr

    reminds me of Super Off Road w/the physics here. i spent too much on that game :p

  • Krux

    what i thought:
    GTA 2
    Twisted Metat
    Rock n Roll racing

  • TeeGee

    Kees, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear from one of the developers :).

    Go guys! Make it a really fun game!

  • GirlFlash

    …could we at least have a couple of dinosaurs?

    a robot with amnesia?

    a highly flamable rope?

    you’re breaking my heart here D:

  • jani

    Indeed, looks alot like Ignition meets Death Rally.

  • nullerator

    Reminds me of Skidmarks, only with weapons. I loved that game (and Supercars, Indy Heat, ATV, Death Rally, Ignition….) so this definitely looks like something I would enjoy. I hope there’s a PC-version. :)

  • toastie

    Good stuff. Death Rally is one of my most favorite games ever.

  • Greg-Anims

    Looks like Mashed, almost the best 4player game on PS2.

    Derek said it, needs better colours though. +more originality in track design.

  • KennEH!

    Yes! I love top down racing.

  • mr.zippycrow

    Ignition with guns!
    This looks sweet. I wonder if they will make a PC version.

  • eva

    REALLY don’t think it needs more colorfulness just for the sake of… color variation. It fits the game fine. maybe make it little brighter cause its kind of hard to see. but you say the video messed up the contrast anyway so

  • PoV

    ZOMG! Modern Death Rally! YUS!

  • kees

    Yea the game is a lot more colorful/bright and running in HD. So we are not to worry this will be an issue, but it is good to hear the feedback on it anyway.

    Adding a bit more color is something I wanted to do anyway, but it won’t be mario kart type of colors :P
    (Nothing wrong with that, but this is a different game)

    We also happen to mostly show one of the mud-tracks in this video, which happens to have a lot of brown …well…mud :)

    Next time I will also try a few different options with Youtube to see if we can keep the colors and contrast more true to the actual game.

    We also have higher quality videos, but I think our bandwidth would die pretty quick if we tried to host it on our website.

    We will have better videos closer to release though!

    Thanks again for the mostly positive feedback so far, that is a big motivator to keep pushing this game towards awesomeness :)

    Slick Entertainment

  • Farbs

    My Supercars III dreams have come true.
    I’m so happy :D

  • deadeye

    I dunno, I really like the aesthetic of desaturated colors. They’re more “sophisticated” in a way.

    But yeah, I guess for an action game with cartoony violence and explosions more color would be the way to go. I suppose you should let the palette serve the gameplay.

  • Skattrek

    I agree with “sinoth”. Halo is the only game that has been released after 1994

  • splotki

    this looks really fun.

  • Bo

    yaay death track:)

  • eobet

    Death Track, Iron Man, Rock & Roll Racing and Ignition where all in the same genre and great.

    But imo, Supercars II was in a league of its own, and I hope it will also get an update some day.

    Until then, I guard my rare boxed copy of the DOS version of Supercars International with my life (hit it up on Mobygames if you want to see my entry for it).

  • ChrisL

    “I dunno, I really like the aesthetic of desaturated colors. They’re more “sophisticated” in a way.”

    Oh HO, old chap. I seem to have, as the youth say, powned you! In fact, I have so thoroughly trounced you in this match that I have no choice but to call into question your sexual orientation. Observe how I dangle my testicles over your corpse. Jolly good!

  • null

    Of the games in this genre, RC Pro Am was always a favorite of mine. Nobody seems to talk about that game much though.

  • null

    In fact, if I’m not mistaken, wasn’t RC Pro Am the first game of its type? People always seem to talk more about the games that were inspired by it though. I’m probably the only person who has played the game.

  • eva

    my sexual orientation is super

  • Baltirow

    Reminds me of Mexican Motor Mafia and the famous, plurally-before mentioned Death Rally. So right up my alley :)

    So are we talking previously Dutch Canadians here? Interesting :)

  • Guy

    Am I the only one this game reminds him of the good old off-road game?