Noitu Love Fanart

By: Derek Yu

On: November 12th, 2008

Noitu Love

I just noticed that there’s this amazing Noitu Love fanart on Joakim Sandberg’s website. Um, wow. I think I’m in love. With the artwork, that is, not… okay, yeah, I just fell for a video game character. That hasn’t happened to me since Phantasy Star II.

The artist is Halil Ural, aka MrDream.

And since I’ve still got some space left, you should also check out this samurai (pizza?) cat from Overgrowth, which is looking better and better every day.

More, eh? Digs furiously into pants. Alright, here’s a series of Mario/Cave Story mashup mockups from arundhir. Okay, that’s all I got. Go home, kid! I said, go home!

  • corpus

    Yeah, it’s some of the best indie fanart I’ve laid my eyes upon.

  • Adamski

    Would make a great wallpaper, although it’s near enough hentai @_@

  • gum

    uhm. this is just tacky…

  • pnutz

    too much ass for work

  • Dusty Spur

    This post is chock-full of awesome.

    Derek is a cool guy, eh posts fanart and doesn’t afraid of anything.

  • Troy RULES



  • Arun Dhir


  • Arun Dhir

    Also, it’s no longer a mock up. That’s all I’m saying.

  • Arun Dhir

    Oh lord, I wish I could merge posts. Well, you can check out then rest of my pixel art here:

    If some cool person could merge all three of these posts, that’d be cool. If you don’t mind me making three posts in a row, that’s okay too.

  • bateleur

    Digs furiously into pants

    Dude, please not when you’re on the front page.

  • Jad

    *Digs furiously into pants*

    Guy, please, especially when you’re on the front page. :D

  • Tantan


  • Adamski

    Is Jad some variety of mocking bird?