Hey, It’s ZUN!

By: Derek Yu

On: December 5th, 2008


Earlier this year the shmup god ZUN, creator of the incredibly popular Touhou series of doujin shoot ‘em ups, was interviewed (YouTube, 8:30 in) on NHK’s The Net Star, a Japanese television show about internet culture. (NHK is Japan’s big public broadcasting network.) So if you ever wanted to see the face of the man behind “Team” Shanghai Alice, here you go. Nice hat!

And for those who are unfamiliar with the doujin shoot ‘em up scene, check out our Introduction to Doujin Shmups article, written by Shoot the Core’s Postman in ’07.

TIGdb: Entry for Team Shanghai Alice

(Source: Zepy, via Canned Dogs)

  • Biggerfish

    Shame I can’t understand a thing.

  • Dusty Spur

    Alternate title: The best excuse to curse at your monitor you will ever get

    I can’t decide if I love or hate ZUN :[

  • http://chaoseed.com/garden John Evans

    It must be ZUN, he’d die without something on his head.


  • Anonymous

    Noooo, the interview part itself was much to short!

  • hide

    Wooo, is there a subtitled version, it look like a overall good documentary about touhou.

  • the2bears

    It’s surprising how little Japanese I’ve learned over the years. Actually, it’s not surprising :)

    Cool stuff though.

  • Permanent

    What game is this?


    Screenshot is from this page that fails (FAILS) to mention it


  • Derek

    It’s Engage to Jabberwock by Platine Dispositif.

  • Dusty Spur

    P.S. Engage to Jabberwock is pretty boss.

  • kiryo

    wooah picture of him without beer!!! rare..

  • Sigvatr

    Shoot em up? Instant indie game classic. Give this man a medal.

  • http://mylstarelectronics.blogspot.com Mylstar Electronics

    ZUN is for Junya Ota.