Space Giraffe Now for PC

By: Derek Yu

On: December 15th, 2008

Space Giraffe

Space Giraffe, Jeff Minter’s psychedelic 3d shoot ‘em up, is now available for the PC, and features a new “NUXX mix” (shown above) which is less tripped-out than the original version and contains 100 brand new levels. The 360 mix is still in the game, however. I think Llamasoft is trying hard to address people’s complaints with the game when it first came out!

The full game can be purchased for $20.

TIGdb: Entry for Space Giraffe

(Thanks, hyphz!)

  • Del_Duio

    Yep, this is the game that had people baying for Minters blood. Never seen a game genuniely piss so many people off before.

    You’ve never heard of Zelda: Wind Waker?

  • Moose

    The game brings on hate and complaint because the author posted an angry rant on his blog at how angry he was that the XBLA version of the game was outsold by Frogger.

    To be fair, he had a lot of valid complaints about the XBLA delivery mechanism (the “your game is now one line” problem) but people took it as meaning that he was arrogantly pushing his artistic vision as one that everyone should subscribe to.

  • Dominic White

    Dude was pissed off and depressed because he had worked on a game for a couple of years, and released it only for it to be immediately curbstomped by what was *literally* an ancient arcade ROM dropped into an emulator – not even a port!

    I dare anyone to get a kick in the balls like that and be all sunshine and fluffy bunnies about it.

    But, nerds hold very long, very insane grudges. One guys depressed grumble on livejournal will get him years of hate.

  • Mark

    Dominic, could you link us a pic of yourself? Just curious.

  • Mischief Maker

    Well Duh. He makes an agressively Avant Garde niche game and lo and behold, it’s outdone by something with popular appeal. What did he expect would happen? This is like Yoko Ono throwing a fit because her record was outsold by the BeeGees.

  • Oddbob

    “This is fine – many people never learn to acquire a taste for olives, but it would be stupid to argue that they are unfit for human consumption.”

    They fucking are though. Disgusting things.

    Seriously though, I hate that attitude of “you can’t say it’s crap because lots of people say it’s great” train of thought.

    I think Mischief Maker (sorry to single you out dude, you’re just the most vocal guy falling on the nay side) is wrong, in my ever so not quite at all humble opinion but I fully back up and appreciate his right to turn round and say he thinks it’s shit.

    Anything else is just plain dishonest.

    So what if lots of people like something I don’t or vice versa? That matters not a flying fuck to me, but shit me man, we *can* discuss this stuff.

    It’s so very far from pointless.

  • Mick

    Every forum of decent size needs a logical fallacy moderator. Unrealistic, but needed.

  • Mischief Maker

    There is no greater enemy to free thought and open discussion than the forum moderator.

  • Nah

    Oh look, a gaggle of idiots on an indie gaming blog.

  • Mark

    I don’t think so, Tim.

  • Paul Eres

    I haven’t played it yet because I didn’t own an XBox 360, so I’ll try it out now. Thanks for the news, Derek.

    A lot of people compared my game’s visuals to Minter’s, so it’ll be nice to finally see how well my acid-trip graphics stack up to his acid-trip graphics.

  • StenL

    Am I the only one who sees the NUXX mix as a reference to Born Slippy, Underworld, or by looking at the way the game feels, Trainspotting ?

  • Moose

    It definately is, Jeff Minter is a big Underworld fan. And KLF, if you didn’t figure that out :)