By: Derek Yu

On: January 21st, 2009

Let’s go a little more video crazy here:

Tormishire is a platformer by the creator of Satan Sam. It’s been in development for at least two years, but no word yet on a release date. (Source: haowan, via the forums)

Fl0wer is the spiritual follow-up to the critically-acclaimed PSN game fl0w. It’s due out on February 12th. (Source: Tim, via

Scrap Metal is a 3d, top-down racing game with guns that’s reminiscent of games like Rock n’ Roll Racing (SNES) and Death Rally (PC). This is a short video by the team that explains how tracks are made.

Also, Alec Holowka and his Infinite Ammo team have announced their main project, Marian, which stars a marionette on a quest to discover her true identity. The announcement includes a lovely piece of concept art, as well as a music preview.

Finally, Edmund McMillen’s Super Meat Boy has its own website and is confirmed for the PC and WiiWare. It’s probably a beefed-up (pun intended) version of Edmund’s Meat Boy.

  • To solvalou

    Derek you silly goose, that’s the 2nd trailer from a long while back. You’d be wanting the 5th one.

  • Bleagle

    Of which trailer/game are you speaking?

  • To solvalou

    That first one. its not the same as the forum one.
    Fl0wer looks heavenly btw.

  • PHeMoX

    FlOwer looks awesome. Seems to take the best things of both worlds (Cloud & flOw).

  • haowan

    It does appear to be an older video. Click on my name for the new one.

  • Del_Duio

    Last I heard Dr. James said he was aiming for a spring ’09 release for Tormishire.

  • pnutz

    OK, that’s much better. Looks fantastic.

  • Eddie

    Fl0wer looks absolutely beautiful. Wow…

  • Bleagle

    Now I have to get a PS3 : (

  • Troy RULES

    I’m really digging the art on Tormi.

  • James Monkman RGCD

    Tormishire looks superb. I am really looking forward to this one!

  • stol



  • Shoo

    Tormishire looks awesome! (If you search for the latest trailer on the guy’s site.)

  • Conor

    Marian looks cool, finally a game where the main character is female AND isn’t just one of the programmer’s wet dreams with massive T and A.

    In other words, Marian has cool looking art

  • !CE-9

    yeah, Tormishire looks THIS much more awesome in the new trailer, but the music was just as much better in the old one.

    by the way, where’s Braid for Windows? coming in around March 2009, that’s where! also:

  • headcrab.

    Tormishire is what Spelunky what be like if it sucked.

  • Gutter

    @Conor : Marian’s hero (is it her name?) looks like a 12 year old.

    Who knows, maybe she is the programmer’s wet dream

  • squish

    2009 is looking to be a year where the “2d platformer” is going to be cool and uncool in the same year.

  • Foppy

    Although Flower looks very nice, it makes me feel a bit nauseous, like after playing Wolfenstein 3D for a while. Maybe it’s some kind of fishbowl effect that causes this.

  • Derek

    To solvalou and haowan: thanks, video fixed!

  • Permanent

    Good one stol.

  • Syril

    Dammit, Cave Story is not the emperor of 2D indie platformers!

  • MikeK

    Awesome update! that Tomishire game looks amazing. I saw some lense flair action too so i’m totaly in.

    the “Based on actual events” on the meat boy site made me chuckle out loud!

  • Bleagle

    Hmm, that picture on the Infinite Ammo blog with Marian vs Metal Gear Solid Girls is funny : D. (And also a little sad…)

  • Foppy

    I was assuming the Metal Girl Solid poster to be a joke. Armor in the shape of breasts and underwear on the outside. But you never know… ;)