But Wait!

By: Derek Yu

On: January 29th, 2009

Let me preface this by saying that I realize that this slightly off-tangent post isn’t going to appeal to everyone!

It’s just that the past couple of months I’ve really gotten into watching nostalgic game reviews while I’m working. Stuff like The Angry Video Game Nerd and The Spoony Experiment (Spoony’s Phantasmagoria 2 playthrough is all kinds of brilliant). Benzaie is another reviewer I enjoy, although he’s admittedly even more of an acquired taste. But I love his absurdist sense of humor, his thick, sexy French accent, his unbridled, and often misplaced, enthusiasm for things (just like me!), and his unmistakable catch phrase… “But wait!”

Sadly, I’ve now seen every one of these videos on the internet that’s worth watching, and my only recourse now is to torture you all by posting about them on TIGSource, thus lowering my journalistic integrity from rock bottom to Earth’s mantle. Thank goodness this particular video is about two homebrew Dreamcast games (Last Hope and Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles). Sure, they’re both about two years old, but hey! It’s still INDIE! Cue screaming and weeping.

  • Joltmar

    fuck you gears of whores X3

  • Valkyrie


  • http://0xdeadc0de.org/ Eclipse

    wind and water: puzzle battles is also available for the GP2X :)

  • Edward Green

    Dreamcast in the last console I bought.

    I have 2 Arcade Sticks and a pile of fighting games.

    What else do you need for a party?

    Anyone up for Powerstone 2?

  • yougiedeggs

    “Welcome to the Power Stone World!”

  • butr0s

    This guy is pretty funny. Damn you, now I have to waste time at work watching these videos…

  • Beefto

    That Spoony Experiment is pretty fuckin funny! I just signed up at his site! That’s awesome! Thanks Derek!

  • MisterX

    I never did and supposedly never will own a Dreamcast, but that video was damn funny :D

  • BeamSplashX

    Fight for your freedom! Escape from the castle! Don’t go soft now! Your journey is only just beginning!

    (gets hit and loses power stones)

    OH NO!

  • AuthenticKaizen

    brillant! havent heard of banzaie yet.
    enthusiastic, funny and entertaining.
    good stuff.
    now i can watch more nostalgic review fun beside the avgn!

  • AuthenticKaizen

    hahaha great the moktar episode!
    “stuff that makes sense!”

  • Foppy

    Really good, I just watched the “Double Dragon for the NEO GEO” episode, very funny.

  • ssid

    Hm. Looks like a superior form of Pokemon Puzzle League (or “ppl” amongst my friends)

    I prefer AVGN over this guy—but I don’t like it when James goes apeshit.

  • PoV

    I just saw things I never thought the PS2 could do.

  • El Poco

    That’s nowhere near a thick-French accent… Might be French, but not definitely not thick.

  • Farmergnome

    A dude on utube called Stanburdmann does some pretty funny stuff, uninatingtree/fatman also

  • Advenith

    It looks like Last Hope is out of print. Unfortunate, because I just got a dreamcast a few months ago…

  • ted

    awesome. pure awesome.

  • http://rmvx.gameclover.com Cray

    That vid was hilarious. Going to watch more of his now :)

  • Mike Hawk

    It’s so cute when someone discovers YouTube for the first time.

  • http://gnomeslair.com/ gnome

    Oh dear! That Spoony Experiment is such a non-interactive FMV time sink… Just like anything FMV related should be really. Brilliant find!

    Still not particularly keen on the Nerd though. The forced humour is killing me.

  • http://www.mrkaizen.com mrKaizen

    AHAH, that was funny!
    Dreamcast was soo damn cool.
    But one day it will raise again..
    Maybe.. not.. -_-‘

  • Powergloved Andy

    I freaking love Wind and Water experiment, or anything that has to do with still developing for DC.

  • Powergloved Andy

    oh and also, I saw this dude a long time ago in one of his first reviews, which I thought was freaking hilarious but I didn’t think I’d ever see him again.

  • http://dev.yuanworks.com YuanHao

    Just dropping by to say thanks from the Dev team at Yuan Works, Derek! =]