Pax 10, IndieCade Call for Submissions

By: Derek Yu

On: March 13th, 2009

PAX 10 and IndieCade

The Penny Arcade Expo (September 4th-6th) and IndieCade (October 1st-10th) are looking for independent games to showcase this year. The deadline for PAX submissions is May 9th, and the deadline for IndieCade submissions is April 30th.

IndieCade entrants are also eligible to appear at the various other expos that IndieCade participates in, including E3 and SIGGRAPH.

  • Cas

    Another $85 down the drain… still, you never know…

  • marky mark


  • Glaiel Gamer

    entered Closure in both

  • Keanu Reeves


  • Brian

    The entry fee keeps every Joe from submitting and making your game have much less chance of getting noticed, so it’s a good thing. :) I plan on submitting soon…