1UP – Indie Game Special Podcast

By: Xander

On: March 25th, 2009

Podcast_CTAP_small This is what a podcast looks like.

There’s this one which stars a host of TIGers, including the host of TIGers! It was made by 1UP! Downloading it? Good. Now read the next post already! Go Go Go!

(Thanks to Esquar in tigIRC for the tip!)

  • Cobalt

    Who’s the host? Derek?

  • Xander

    Huh, I suppose that was fairly vague. It’s hosted by ‘1UP’, so it’s their guys asking the questions/hosting the discussion I think.

  • Esquar

    Scott Sharkey is the host, the guests are first David Hellman, Derek Yu, Brandon McC and Jonatan Soderstrom(Cactus)
    In the second segment it’s Hellman again, joined by Tommy Refenes(apparently pronounced Reh-feh-nes instead of refeans), Mark Johns and Messhof.

  • nihilocrat

    If y’all are reading this, don’t take this personally, but I liked part 1 a whole lot more than part 2. I think it was ’cause of cactus. :)

    Thanks for the link! In either case, it was cool in both cases to hear indie devs just talking about random crap. I can also feel for those who have worked on shitty games to pay the bills, you aren’t alone.

  • http://b-mcc.com// BMcC

    I liked part one the best too. :P

  • Raiten

    Did Venbrux really make a game, besides Execution, where you can’t play it more than once? Where can I find this game?

  • Esquar

    Don’t know of one, and I even played some of his unreleased games, but maybe they meant Deaths?


  • Esquar

    Cactus was also drunk when he mentioned it

  • cactus

    cactus was so drunk he can’t even remember what the podcast was all about. too embarrassed to listen to it as well…

  • Raiten

    you drunkard!