IGF ’09: The Awards Ceremony

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: March 26th, 2009

Yes, Matthew rocked the TIGJam shirt. Now that’s indie.

  • robert

    Yus, great show. Congrats to all winners and nominees. Petri’s speech was quite cool.

  • Trotim

    Why did they say “Universi-stat”? It’s just the German name for university, so they should’ve said that instead of butchering the German language.


  • http://www.igf.com Simon Carless

    We didn’t get pronunciation guides for a few of the nominees, and aren’t uh, German, so there you go. Sorry, German universities!

  • goldbuick

    I totally have a TIGJAM shirt

  • toastie

    “This video may contain offensive material, please proceed with caution”

    Fuck yeah!

  • Siiseli

    Certainly an interesting watch that made me feel even more fuck you for not being able to be at gdc :(

  • sinoth

    I can’t help but echo your sentiment, Siiseli. I am insanely jealous this year, almost to the point of unchecked rage and murder. Maybe next year…

  • http://www.casualinsider.com/ Brian

    Awesome video! Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Jad

    O: O: O:


    What a nerdy swede he is : D

    There is something about nordic indie developers wtf they all look like the kind of people who are my nerdy friends.

    And it amuses me greatly.


  • http://elvisbrevi.blogspot.com Elvis Brevi


  • sum yung guy

    If you’re not indie, F**K you!

    ..made possible by Microsoft and Sony.

    har har.

  • Har

    The video was about as fun as shoving crushed chillies and tabasco sauce up your rectum with a pastry filler… Yummy.

    Thanks for the video it was much appreciated – though not as interesting as Derek’s take of the Game Maker Rant, still interesting though.

  • http://pitapumpkin.blogspot.com Pita


  • Ninomojo

    Here’s something that disturbs me:

    At the beginning, the guy who makes a speech makes a statement that there is no line between “professional” developers and independent developers. We’re all brothers and all is fine and dandy, we’re all equal as developers, YEAH DUDES!

    Then why when it comes to the IGF Mobile Awards they have this message that says that the awards for mobile games were held earlier, in another place, and then we only get to see the winners and not all nominees?

    It seems that there IS a line between “normal” developers and developers of mobile games, who seem to still be seen as not important enough to be part of the real party.