Effing Hail

By: Derek Yu

On: April 10th, 2009

Effing Hail

Intuition Games, the creators of the multiplayer strategy game Dinowaurs, have released a nifty new browser game called Effing Hail. Apparently hail is actually formed the way it is in the game, starting as frozen rain drops that get bigger as updrafts keep them afloat. Thankfully, the largest hailstone ever recorded IRL is still only (!) the size of a volleyball.

I wonder if, when that volleyball-sized hailstone hit the ground, some deity somewhere was like “FUCK, I could have made that so much BIGGER!

TIGdb: Entry for Effing Hail

  • ortoslon

    TIGdb link is wrong

  • Prio

    Protip: you can use your wind to push hailstones in any direction, not just upwards.

  • http://www.intuitiongames.com fucrate

    Thanks for the mention Derek!

    I have to point out that this was actually a collab between Greg (aeiowu) from Intuition and Jacob Grahn (Jiggmin), who has made the Platform Racing series and a ton of other flash games.

  • http://www.roachpuppy.com IceNine

    This game was pretty fun and the textbook (literally) artstyle is damn cool and original. I don’t know what I’d do if I saw a chunk of hail the size of a house coming at me.

  • http://www.bitter-gamer.com butr0s


  • Lolz

    Wow, I was playing this 5 minutes ago before I read this.

  • Tet

    The biggest I can manage is 62

  • Flamebait

    Usually I dislike one-trick pony physics games, but this was actually fun enough to play *three* times!

  • LSK

    It’s fun, but I can’t stand the name. It makes me cringe. I can’t play it because its name repulses me.

  • http://www.funmahol.com Mobile Softwares

    Seems to be a good game,anyways great share dude!