Cockpit Competition: Voting!

By: Derek Yu

On: April 15th, 2009

Cockpit Compo

Voting has begun for our TIGSource Cockpit Competition! This was an interesting theme because it implied the use of 3d graphics, or at least pseudo-3d graphics. There’s a great mix of 2d, 3d, and pseudo-3d games amongst the whopping 41 finished entries for this compo. There are even a couple of text-based cockpit games!

You can view and download all the entries here. There are a number of videos for games in here. There’s also a really good post-mortem thread here. Thanks to Fuzz for compiling all the entries and videos!

And thanks to everyone who participated in the competition, especially the entrants! The world of cockpits will never be the same again.

  • toastie

    the view entries and video videos links are the same

  • Derek

    SHEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIT. Fixed, thanks!

  • IceNine

    Had a lot of fun working on this one and watching everyone else’s entries evolve. So… when’s the next compo?

  • sinoth

    Can we PLEASE get a ‘download all’ button? I’m too goddamn lazy to download 41 files.

  • Flamebait

    Flat-shading is coming back.

  • astrofra

    Flat Shading ? Is that the next contest ?
    Oh boy, I can’t wait !

  • IceNine

    That’s because flat shading is so indie.

  • Adamski

    Fifth to win! Nice gfx ^_^

  • Derek You

    lol cockpit.

  • Bood_War

    Fuck this compo. My game got messed up… >:(

  • sinoth

    NEVERMIND my request earlier. I thought the #-E,F-O,P-Z links were for pages, not full downloads :>

  • Will Vale

    I’m up to about C on the playthroughs – there’s lots of good stuff in this one.

  • Golds

    Wow, these look great. I especially like the style of Star Cannon. Can’t wait to try them all out…..

  • Game Designer Wannabe

    *sigh* I wish I could create a game like some of the entries. I want to be a game designer, but have yet to finish even 1 project. I’m either too perfectionist, procrastinating or get in over my head and sicken myself with not knowing which direction to start in. I’m no more advanced than a gamemaker creator (as in I’m still a newbie beginner at programming), want to do multiplayer projects, but know very little atm about networking code or utilities.

    These are some very nice entries guys. I especially took a liking to Tragedius as I’m a fan of space harrier style rail shooters (and want to make such games one day). Some amazing stuff. I think that voting might be hard with so many good entries. I’m so lucky I’m a gamer too, there seems to be no end to good games to play, hehe.

  • Flamebait

    “I’m either too perfectionist, procrastinating or get in over my head and sicken myself with not knowing which direction to start in.”
    I was that way, until I learned enough about programming and game implementation to theoretically do anything I want. Now I just find too little joy in programming. There’s nothing even vaguely fun about telling a computer what to do, using the primitive techniques of today.

  • Will Vale

    That was really difficult – I wanted to vote for at least a dozen games.

  • waldo

    Ack, I seriously should have implemented my tooth brushing game idea for this – it would have been the flossing on the cake :^)

  • Tim

    I see what you did there, waldo.