By: Xander

On: May 20th, 2009


Uberleben was actually released at the end of last year, but it must have passed me by. At 100mph. Plummeting into the centre of the earth.

Uberleben is a multiplayer survival game, where each player takes the role of a suicidal power ranger equipped with a parachute. The aim is to survive the fall longer than your peers, ultimately trying to reach the safe drop zone at the bottom which will be a set distance away depending on the difficulty (including a possible ENDLESS setting). Same screen multiplayer has always been a special kind of fun, and Uberleben spreads this kind of enjoyment by allowing SEVEN players at once. Of course you’re going to require a few controllers to get the full compliment of people in game but ultimately it’s worth it as the ‘FIGHT’ option can mean contact with another player will punch them in a certain direction. This of course allows for a heavy emphasis on foul play, which combined with same-screen multiplayer will probably cause many games to end in bitter rivalries and hopefully one or two TIGDuels. Alone it may not seem like much, but with enough people it turns into a suprisingly compelling distraction. At least until someone makes a new Marshmallow Duel.

(Source: peachboy’s blog)

  • Malasdair


    However, a note to the GM community: at this point, if you can’t be bothered to make your game Vista-compatible before you upload it, then I don’t think I can be bothered to run it. Seriously: it takes a second.

  • http://dusanvf.com Dusan Vlahovic

    Can’t run it in Windows 7…

  • Skofo

    Can’t run it in Wine, either.

    Looks quite interesting, though.

  • Kevin

    doesn’t run in Win Vista. sad. :(

  • Chief05

    Screenshot kinda reminds me of the oribtal skydive scene from the new Star Trek movie xD
    Only difference is the white suit^^

  • Vanguard

    Compatibility issues aside…

    this seems like it would be a pretty fun game to get a few people around a keyboard to mess around with for a while.

  • plvhx

    this guy makes games for him and his friends to play and thank god for it. if you can’t bother to run it through the converter yourself (but can take the time to type up a complaint), too bad!

    screenshots don’t do this thing justice, it’s quite mesmerizing in motion.

    playing this on a projector with six other people is some serious indie gaming.

  • Zulgaines

    Just played it 3-player for a while. Awesome fun.

    Vista, Ha Ha.

  • DeathOfRats

    Marshmellow Duel…oh man i feel old…I played the heck out of that game when I was in high school, some 14 years ago.

  • Amon26


    I had a few “HA-HAAA!” moments just playing this all by myself, I can’t wait to load it onto the EEEPC, grab up my joysicks/keyboards and just throw down with this tonight with pals.

  • Malasdair

    Followup: if you can’t run it in Windows Vista, use the GM converter; it worked fine for me.

    I have no effing clue where to get it, but I have it as “GMConvert”.

  • Fate

    awesome game

  • Teknogames/Beau Blyth

    I’ll throw it in the converter and re-upload it for you pals

  • nickf

    *”At least until someone makes a new version of Marshmallow Duel.”* — hehe on that site there is a new version of MDuel, remade as an Unreal Tournament mod. See pics here: http://mduel2k5.spadgos.com/images.php

    Also is a Nintendo DS version.

  • Radish

    Makes me think of that game “AaaaaAAAAaaa”, only multiplayer and with 2D graphics.

  • Juhkystar

    Ahahaha. I’m glad to see this game get some attention. This is my favorite game to play between classes. My computer professor got a kick out of the class crowded around one monitor and keyboard right before class, jostling each other. Good fun. =D

  • Justice Jones

    Yes, Marshmallow Duel was awesome!

  • Jamal

    What a rush! I love it!

    Only problem is it tends to occasionally lag on my laptop (Dell XPS, WinXP, Pentium 4 3.4ghz, 1gb ram). In fact, the deeper I get into the cave, the more it lags. Anyone else have this problem?

    Man, but what a beautiful, fun game…

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/ortoslon ortoslon

    I have recorded videos of every Uberleben level: YouTube playlist

  • http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=57812A4C0064F425 ortoslon

    I’ve recorded videos of all Uberleben levels. Click my nickname to watch them.