Swedish Game Awards 2009

By: Derek Yu

On: May 29th, 2009

The final deadline for this year’s Swedish Game Awards (i.e. Ragnarök) has just passed, and the winners will be announced soon. Tim W. picked out a few cool trailers for IndieGames.com and here are my three favorites of those:

Bloodline Champions is a really nice-looking team-based multiplayer game that’s made for professional competition. It’s inspired in part by DoTA and League of Legends. No release date.

Paperworld is a “friendly and cozy” simulation game that has a fantastic papery look. That’s about all there is to know about it at this point.

Unlike a lot of the other entries, Haven and Hearth is playable, although in an alpha state. It’s an MMORPG based on Slavic and Germanic folklore where the player’s actions can have a permanent effect on the game world. Read the about page on the site, it sounds very interesting.

  • trav

    That last one is a pretty interesting concept on their about page. I hope it goes well for them

  • The Monster King

    Isn’t DoTA and League of Legends basically the same thing? Huh. I’m sort of disappointed that they have a similar artstyle going on too… Though after checking their site I think I like it a bit more, trailer didn’t do it justice.

    Haven and Hearth looks a bit repetitive right now, hope it’s pretty fun… Having permanent effects on the game world is a big promise that’s hard to keep, I wish them luck with that! It could turn out really cool.

  • Martin S

    Dont forget “Conquer The Hood”


    Awesome RTS game with gansters and pimped out guns

  • Quetz

    I want to play haven and earth because apparently you can balance dead bears on your head.

    Anyway it looks like a 2D, more player-friendly Wurm Online.

  • shockedfrog

    A first look at Haven and Hearth suggests it might be the RPG World Online replacement I’ve been looking for ever since it decided to suck, though I should probably actually play it before praising it. :)

  • Anonymous poster

    when I try to download Haven and Hearth
    client it writes that download is stalled.

  • shockedfrog

    Did that for me too, every time I restarted it, then I just left it stalled for a couple of minutes and it finished.

  • Bobbybob

    Heh, PaperWorld reminds me of Okami a lot.

  • crukid

    Heaven and Hearth looks oddly fantastic. From the trailer and the page it looks like it has an Unreal World/Stranded/MMO Crafting sort of vibe. Can’t wait to try it out. I want to build a cabin!

  • Sven

    Help admin posting number 6 isnt me its someone pretending to be me please delete his post.

  • Quazi

    paper game looks like sim city with yoshis story type visuals lol