Little Wheel

By: Xander

On: June 10th, 2009


Little Wheel is a delicate point and click adventure where you play the role of a robot who is jolted alive by a bolt of lightning and tasked with finding out how to revive the rest of his robot civilisation. It seems perfectly pitched as a coffee break style game, with the relaxed atmosphere and jazz music along with the cool visual style and smooth gameplay. There are no ‘hidden pixel’ puzzles, most interactive elements are highlighted and usually it’s simply a case of just hitting the correct buttons in the correct order.

It’s an experience which is all too brief, but as I said there’s something quite amicable about its brevity. Everything about it just seems so delicately formed, even the protagonist who goes through a suprising amount of physical stress despite the short ride. It’s a wonderfully relaxing little game, so if you’re having a rough day at all now’s the time to put your feet up, get a mug of your favourite brew and of course, save the world.


  • hurdur


  • jeb


  • Ezuku

    Very nice. Short and sweet.

  • enandrews

    so classy!

  • Dinsdale

    I enjoyed that.

  • Synnah

    Wonderfully drawn and animated; so much charm in the robots!

  • fuxter

    very beautiful.
    also the ending might be a bit longer…
    really charming game.

  • dgs

    it takes too long to load on my computer. I wish I could download it and play it offline.

  • BMcC

    Looks lovely!

  • pnx

    Honestly, it was extremely easy and short, it’s not much of a puzzle game but it’s got extremely cute and well made graphics.

  • undertech


  • Skofo

    Pretty cute game!

    It’s kind of sad how Flash game sponsors insist on cheapening the experience of cool games by plastering their logo in three different places per screen, though…

  • Astrozombie


  • Snow

    Well I played it. Liked it. It was very interesting. You could tell the creator(s) was/were dedicated. Loved the 3d bits – added quite a bit to the atmosphere more than realism. Kind of felt like getting a robot from point a to b in an abandoned amusement park. The music was a good touch.

    This should be chapter 1 of say 10 or more. (Of course I do realize that a lot of work already went into the game and that it is FREE. If they did have a 10 chapter game, I would gladly buy it.)


    Moar please.

  • Astrozombie

    How would they pull that off the robots already got reactivated

  • Jamal

    great review. thank you for this

  • Stabn

    Beautiful game. Thanks.

  • Andrew

    lol, I found a glitch in the game.

    The bottom half of the crane thing moved to the right when I told it to but the top half remained where it was. After that nothing worked.

  • Philip Seyfi

    I love this game, and especially it’s graphics!!!