Minecraft (alpha)

By: Derek Yu

On: June 11th, 2009


Minecraft is a first-person building/digging game that is based on another game called Infiniminer, except that it’s prettier to look at and is playable in a browser using Java. In the game you can move around and add/remove various blocks, and that’s about it… fortunately, that’s all you really need to be able to do to have a fantastic time with it.

The creator, Notch, recently implemented a multiplayer mode, which makes the game even more enjoyable. I entered a public server where one guy was building a giant tower and two other players were helping each other with a stairway into the sky, where there were floating platforms all over the place. Someone else was asking for help repairing a road. I spent some time wandering around and eventually decided to build a Moai-like statue with a secret passage behind it that took you to an underground lake. It was pretty neat.

Minecraft is free-to-play right now, but will not be for much longer (10 euros or roughly $14 USD for pre-order). Development is moving quickly – I’ve heard of plans to implement everything from monsters and Dwarf Fortress-type features to various competitive multiplayer game modes like Capture-the-Flag. But for the moment it’s just a single-player and (mostly) cooperative sandbox. Also there’s no sound or music. But you know what, I rather like how tranquil it all feels right now…

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  • nitram_cero

    Is it something like Roblox (http://www.roblox.com/) ?

  • C418

    Theres no sound or music. YET.

  • lansing

    I’m waiting in anticipation for the gameplay modes!

    Thought I’d mention, those looking for a similar cube based building game should also try out sauerbraten (http://sauerbraten.org) which has some really neat coop editing tools much more flexible than minecraft for manipulating large amounts of geometry and texturing. Corners of cubes and be deformed to create smoother looking surfaces as witnessed in the screenshots on the homepage. It’s weakness though is that it’s 350MB or so to download due to all the music and textures.

  • m

    That link sez it’s 10 euro, not 10 gbp. It’s about 14 usd.

  • ckpk

    Shame it’s being griefed so much right now

  • Synnah

    I like your video with the demo sound effects, C418!

    I’ll give this a try later; it looks nice.

  • lansing

    Similar style, predating inifiniminer, better coop editing: sauerbraten.

  • Raz

    aww nuts…

    I was thinking of making basically the exact same game, except you cant create blocks from nowhere, you have to move them from one location to the other.

  • skaldicpoet9

    This is great.

    Notch definitely deserves to be rewarded for such a great game. I will gladly pay ~15 bucks to support Minecraft. Notch has already been updating the game like a madman and even in it’s beta form you can tell it is going to be something special (well, more than it is already). I recommend that everyone try it out.

  • hide

    It really really need a way to kick (ban 5 min) griefer even without the admin.

  • bateleur


    I found a cave full of gold ore far underground and built a very, very high helix-shaped tower (makes it easier to climb as you build).

  • Skofo

    > Similar style, predating inifiniminer, better coop editing: sauerbraten.

    But harder to use, unfortunately…

    Sauerbraten desperately needs a UI redesign.

  • jc

    Reminds me of the simple fun of playing Blockland for hours at a time years ago.

  • sinoth

    This is a charming experiment, but I can’t imagine paying $30 for it, or even $15. As others have mentioned, there are other games out there that allow more freedom – Blockland, Roblox, Platinum Arts Sandbox, Garry’s Mod, Wurm Online..

    There is definitely potential, though. The engine feels solid. I’ll keep an eye on this one.

  • lansing


    hmm, I’ve found it pretty easy to use, less cumbersome than minecraft

    e to enter edit mode, g + scroll to change cube selection size, select + scroll to move a section, y + scroll to change texture on selection, plus being able to copy and paste 3d selections of geometry easily helps.

  • alspal

    Hopefully there will be friend lists are something, so that its easier to play with awesome people rather than retards.

  • steve

    I agree, I kept trying to build stuff and some ahole would come around deleting it

  • cm

    This is much more fun than I would have guessed.

  • fydo

    If you’re worried about losers mucking up your stuff, there’s a private server you can run. Then just invite your friends.

    Minecraft rocks. I made a giant bathtub sitting beside my castle. Also, my castle has a diving board so you can jump into the tub.

    Also, the different block types really lend themselves to be used as pixel art. A friend of mine made a giant megaman in a field near my castle. Very cool.

  • Zolyx

    Worth the pre-order price. No comment on the final price, though ;)

    Very fun and addictive; don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it on a decent MP server that gets rid of griefers quickly.

  • A Guy

    Yeah the price is dumb for a game that is so derivative. Still fun, I guess, but there are better versions of the same thing right now.

  • Optrirominiluikus

    I fell in love at once

  • Epitaph64

    Nothing wrong with indy developers wanting return on their work. I think the price is pretty reasonable, but I do think a free version is necessary since most people just won’t “Get it” until they’ve played for awhile.

  • Ezuku

    It’s a nice game, but it probably needs more polish before they can sell it. For example, maybe a rudimentary map?

    The price they’re selling it for though seems relatively steep for what you’re getting in this version.

  • Bubsaroni

    I am Bubsaroni in game, and I have lots of fun! the Multiplayer is getting better by the minute, and /Infdev/ is getting better too! Its going beta soon…

  • jfields99

    Such predicition

  • jfields99

    Oh how wrong you were…

  • WelcomeToTheFutur

    “you have to move them from one location to the other.”

    Good prediction.

    mad ?

  • MC Fanatic

    how, how very wrong…

  • http://creepermaster.jimdo.com CoolBoyPlayzMC

    wtf why is my acc on here

  • AGR

    This is so nostalgic smh

  • Netherbrine 5902


  • Shading

    i feel old

  • ALAA