By: Derek Yu

On: June 15th, 2009


Dammit, I did not realize that the latest Attract Mode/Giant Robot gallery game was premiering last night at the GR2 store in Los Angeles. Jottobots is a team-up between the illustrious indie game developer Kyle Pulver (Bonesaw, Snapshot) and developing indie gamer and renowned illustrator J.Otto Seibold. Are there any photos up from the event?

  • Kevin Gadd

    That screenshot is gigantic and mucks up the layout of the front page.

    Looks cool, though. I forgot that was happening last night – I should have gone.

  • pilamin

    It looks cool but, man, side-scrollers are to indie games what shooters are to commercial games.

  • cecil

    your point?

    if its good its good.

  • pach

    Love the wordplay in the writeup. Game looks like a lot of fun. I’m loving the art style!

  • pilamin

    Oh, yeah, a lot of indie side-scrollers are good…just like a lot of commercial shooters are good. I just wanted to point out that indie games are as susceptible to populist conventions as much as, say, the creative lineup of Electronic Arts. It’s just in the indie realm, it’s offensive to bring up this hypocrisy.

    That sounded more critical than I would have liked. I do love ’em.

  • Gibbles

    nobody has ever thought of that before.


  • Arvind Narayanan

    It’s 4:54 and time to get going!! Cool!

  • Sifu Peng

    I was there. The game is awesome!

  • Fail

    Apparently populist conventions and indie games have to be mutually exclusive, otherwise they suck.

  • Pita

    Just want to say… my main iff with generic first person shooters is mainly that they all look the same, not that they just all play the same.

    So… yes… most indie games are platformers, but there is also a tendency for personality that makes it just weird to equate them mainstream fps clones.

    I mean, I’m not exactly going to mistake this game for something else–it looks great.

    I wish I was there to play it. (photos please!)

  • Paul Eres

    saying that most indie games are platformers is false. there are a whole lot of platformers, but “most” indie games are not platformers, at all — not even on tigsource.

  • Impossible

    Most mainstream games are not shooters. But a lot of indie games are platformers just like a lot of mainstream games are shooters.

    Also many indie platformers do not have unique personality, they tend to have borrowed personality (cute, cave story inspired pixel art), just like many mainstream shooters borrow from Gears of War or Call of Duty.

    I like a good shooter and a good platformer. I’m just saying that the comparison (indie:platformers::mainstream:shooters) is a valid one.

  • strong

    I get what you’re saying, but I still don’t really see the point of it. As long as you’re doing what you love it shouldn’t matter, really, and indie games show that.

  • strong

    I am a genius.

  • xerus
  • Sparky

    Congratulations on finishing, Xerus. The screenshots look really polished and stylish.

    I didn’t see a download link anywhere, is there any way I could play it?

  • Eddie

    This is so awesome.

    I was randomly strolling along the street with my friends when I saw some people outside the Giant Robot Store playing this game. They used a projector to beamed it onto the store wall.

    I was very fun to watch.