TIGcast #1

By: Paul Eres

On: October 27th, 2009

TIGcast is a podcast, on TIGSource. They talk about Bob’s Game, Love, Flash on mobile phones, and other things. Speakers are Dock, YagerX, godsavant, and C418. You can download the MP3 or listen to it online on zShare.

There was also a TIGcast #0, which I don’t actually recommend anyone listen to due to how hard it is to understand anything. That one had Dragonmaw (who also edited TIGcast #1 and is the driving force behind these), malec2b, Dock, Cthulhu32, godsavant, and myself, and we talk about RunMan, Canabalt, “achievements”, and finishing games. It’s a pity the sound quality is so bad for #0 though.

  • cowgarden

    wehee, next time waiting for the bus will be good

  • godsavant

    This is great.

  • http://infiniteammo.ca InfiniteAlec

    Did you guys put this up in the iTunes podcast section yet? Might be cool…

  • http://news.bigdownload.com Dragonmaw

    We are arranging for the iTunes feed.

    Does anybody know who owns tigcast.com? We want it!

  • xerus

    “They talk about Bob’s Game” NO THANKS.

  • http://www.puppybuckets.com Alehkhs

    Where the fuck were you guys any time I brought this up?!

  • Asshole Critic

    Perhaps you should work out a script ahead of time, or at least note cards. It would help a lot to cut down on the “um’s” and “uh… let’s see’s.” I couldn’t listen to it for more than a minute before saying “okay, it’s just some dudes talking, I can get that on the forum.”

    Also, you need a jingle :)

  • bateleur

    You don’t need a complete script for this kind of thing. I’d recommend what the MTGCast guys do – have a shared Google Docs spreadsheet containing all the main topics for the show. You can then improvise around that, but at least everyone knows what’s coming up.

  • http://infiniteammo.ca InfiniteAlec

    Could also edit out the ums if you want to get really detailed about it. :P

  • makosanders

    You need to redo cast 0. Those are some important subjects. Lol.
    Or how about a transcript?

    I’d be interested to know what you think of achievements, considering the only reason I stopped playing Spelunky was that I ran out of goals.

  • makosanders

    Sorry, I see Derek wasn’t involved. Excuse my semi-drunken posting.

  • nyarla

    I enjoyed it.. I don’t mind the ‘um’s and ‘ah’s, they’re nowhere near as prevalent as on some other podcasts I’ve listened to. Yeah, it’s just some dudes sitting around talking.. I think that’s why I liked it. :)

  • Dock

    Yay, we got our first asshole critic! :D

    90% of the ums and ahs are me. I tend to do that when I’m not used to the people I’m talking with, and I’m still getting used to using Skype for this. I’m not in the second Tigcast episode, so that’ll be taken care of by default! I do agree it is rather poor and I’ll make effort to avoid doing that in future.

    I think the podcast improves about half way through, and hopefully future episodes will be easier to listen to.

  • http://www.YagerX.com YagerX

    Oh yea, I “um”ed alot too… I hope this will have more of a crazy mood, kinda like the Giant Bomb, Bombcast

  • http://www.klikscene.com Radix

    The volume levels of the different speakers could be tweaked a bit, might be a good idea to get your levels worked out at the beginning next time. Having one speaker so much louder than everyone else makes them come off a bit obnoxious.

  • Dock

    Radix, we recorded the streams separately to avoid that problem, so any volume misbalance is a mistake in editing, unfortunately.

  • http://www.klikscene.com Radix

    I’m almost at the end now and it does improve a bit later on.

  • http://news.bigdownload.com Dragonmaw

    The volume imbalance was a mistake on my part. The second cast doesn’t have this problem. As always, first episode, sort of a test, etc.

    As for redoing TIGcast #0, we might revisit the topics for a later episode. I’d like to say that transcription is practically impossible.

  • Joseph Burchett

    Great stuff you guys… But I had to stop listening after a while it was just poorly produced :-( The first one is always a rough start, but as many have already suggested might want to have some sort of outline or script to follow. Going off topic is always good (to some extent) makes for an interesting podcast, but you need to have a bit more clearer direction that’s all. Also WAY to many “uhm”, “uh”, that sort is just a pain to listen to. This can be solved pretty easily by just sitting down and editing the podcast. “uhm”, “uh”, “yah”, “like”, “and”, long periods of silence, tangents that have gone way to far off topic, and any coughing, sneezing or grunting sounds should always be cut out. Also never want to be typing, playing a video game or anything else in the background. Final thing is to always have music at the beginning and maybe ending, all these things just make for a much better podcast :-) Been doing the podcasting thing for about two years now and these are some of the things I have learned.

    Can’t wait for the next one!

  • http://news.bigdownload.com Dragonmaw

    Thanks Burchett! The second podcast is already shaping up to be much better. There’s music, less awkward pauses, and such. I tried to condense the first one down, but people are still getting into the groove. I’m betting that the third podcast is when we hit our stride and things really get underway.

    Uhs, uhms, and ahs don’t bother me that much, since it adds a conversational feel to it.

  • http://sadmoons.com Kaworu

    46th minute or so, “Sounds good” made my day :D

  • http://www.josephburchett.net Joseph Burchett

    No problem! The “uhs”, and “uhms” may not bother you but go back and listen to the audio trust me it doesn’t make for good radio :-) Doing it a little bit is okay at moments when a person is thinking about something, but if you do it to much it just doesn’t sound good at all. Yeah “third time is a charm” :-P That is when you guys will probably find your groove! :-D Also I think what might make a really good segment would be to pull a discussion from the boards. There is always a really interesting and lively things going on in the forum, would be really interesting to hear what you guys have to say about it all :-) Yeah agreed with Kaworu, 40 to 60 minutes is usually the sweet spot for podcast.

  • http://www.gamesfordinner.com Gamesfordinner

    This is what I heard:

    mumble mumble mumble mumble mumble HI! I’M DAVE!

    Please edit the sound levels. The “uh” and “um” amounts didn’t bother me, but the high and low volumes and different mic qualities made it almost unlistenable….

  • godsavant

    HI! I’M DAVE!

  • Soulliard

    godsavant: Tactical RPG in the works? There aren’t enough of those in the indie world. I’m really looking forward to it!