Sumotori Dreams Full Version

By: Derek Yu

On: December 18th, 2009

Sumotori Dreams

Perhaps spurred by the game’s television debut a couple weeks ago, Péter Soltész has released a “full version” of everyone’s favorite drunken sumo sim, Sumotori Dreams. For $4 you get 4 players (only 2 human players, however), 5 new destructible arenas, improved AI (uh, I didn’t really notice any improvement!), and modding features. An aggressively time-bombed demo of the full version is available, and the original game is still around, too.

For the die-hard Sumotori fan. (Thanks, Tim Sebek, for the heads-up!)

TIGdb: Entry for Sumotori Dreams

  • fillis take


  • Chris.R


    The full version demo time limit is brilliant. It always runs out just as I’m about to fall over. It almost feels like satire.

  • Sigvatr_

    This is kind a lame. However, I would purchase a full version where you could fire Sumotori men out of a cannon.

  • Ivan

    I just have to say that not a single other game in the history of games, has ever made me laugh so uncontrollably as Sumotori Dreams has. That is all.

  • wolf pupy

    sumotri dreams numbeR #1 game i giv it five stars out of five stars excelen ?(´??)??

  • GrahamGoring

    Purchased! :)

  • The Monster King

    I’d pay for more than 2 human players, but I’m not sure only added computers is really that cool.

  • TeamQuiggan

    I’ve had so much fun with this game! Purchased.

  • sdffsd

    awesome game

  • Wolfgang Wozniak

    Oh shit!
    I might have to buy this.

  • Wolfgang Wozniak

    Awww man, no mac version ; ;

  • right

    so you can play the demo for about 30 seconds, which is just long enough to make your char take about half a step. and that’s if you don’t go into the menus, ’cause, OF COURSE, the time you spend looking at the options is counted too.

    i’m guessing the demo is broken, ’cause the dev being that much of an asshole seems a bit more far-fetched.

  • Loki

    right: It’s a joke.
    And you can still play the original version, which is an amazing game, and will show you exactly what the new one is like.

  • snapman

    Seriously, just give us some more keyboard keys for the other two. Don’t even worry if the key placement is practical, we’ll just joy-to-key it anyway…

  • eobet

    No mac version still… sigh… iPhone would rock too.. tilt control balancing…

  • updowners

    I’m quite sure “Improved intelligency after match” is the thing where they push each other over after each match. Not improved ai in a match.

  • Radnom

    @updowners, they’re not trying to push each other over, they’re trying to stand up straight so that they can bow! Often they do end up tumbling all over each other though. I have to agree with Ivan, as well, this game has made me laugh more than any other.

  • updowners

    I’m quite sure “Improved intelligency after match” is the thing where they push each other over after each match. Not improved ai in a match.

  • zymorr ezekiel

    how do u play it

  • virus.exe

    lag with pentium 3 1,2ghz

  • Wolf Champion71

  • Wolf Champion71


  • idk like ur face


  • kyle h

    make it free :(