The Organic Indie Preorder Pack

By: Derek Yu

On: January 7th, 2010

FOR ONE WEEK ONLY, pre-order Overgrowth and Natural Selection both for just $40 (normally $70). Pre-ordering will give you access to early builds and tech. You’ll also be supporting two great, fully-independent 3d game developers – all the money goes directly to them.

People who have already pre-ordered Overgrowth or NS can still participate – you get the other game for free!

By the way, John… regarding the pink beard thing… can we get a promise that the carpet will also match the drapes?

  • zeid

    This is what I woke up to…
    “Hey guys, sorry to step into your inbox, but I have a little post-holiday surprise for you: every Overgrowth preorderer is hereby granted a free preorder of the upcoming game Natural Selection 2!”
    I immediately got morning wood.

  • squidkid

    And I’m already broke because of Steam sales. D:

  • IM4d34G4M3

    Very nice marketing, hope they get many a sale.

  • zeek

    This is a sweet deal. I already ordered Overgrowth and was put off – until I heard the deal is retroactive too, so I get NS2 for free.

  • madrain

    God I wish I had the 40 bucks for this. One game alone I can resist, being poor, but I risk having my lights turn off because of this deal. Man.

  • John

    Derek’s custom YouTube video border would be just about the right color. Regarding the carpet and drapes, maybe if it breaks 2000 sales…

  • The Vagrant Werewolf

    I had to plump for this, I was thinking of ordering Overgrowth and NS2 when I had the cash for it.

    Then they went and made my decision for me.

    The cads.

  • ShawnF

    Hm, this doesn’t seem like a great deal to me. Overgrowth is a LONG way from being done, I can’t imagine it’ll be out in less than 2 years. And neither game will likely retail for $40, so really you’re probably saving something like 25% by paying a couple years in advance.

  • madrain

    but you also get early access to “alphas and tech” and the warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing you’re supporting an indie developer while he’s still working on something you care about, namely the games you bought :p

  • zeek

    ShawnF: they were retailing for $40 up until they made this bundle, so it is essentially getting one of the games for free. Or literally so in the case of people who already bought one and redeemed their key to get the other. Overgrowth is a long way but not as far as you’d think, and in the meantime you get access to a very sweet modding sandbox tool.

  • DarkJee

    ShawnF: Both games are estimated to release in 2010

  • nobody2

    I still have my doubts about both games, but I’ve put in enough hours on NS that I probably owe Unknown 40 bucks anyways. Plus their tech blog posts have intrigued me for quite awhile.

  • Shadow Wulf

    Hmm I still am thinking of getting these bundles, but there is just not much footage of the gameplay. I am sure they are going to make good games. But This is sort of against my instincts sense I never preordered a game unless I am really liking what I am seeing through gameplay.