IGF Mobile Finalists Announced

By: Derek Yu

On: January 26th, 2010

IGF 2010

The finalists for IGF Mobile 2010 have been announced:

Best Mobile Game Design:

Honorable mentions: Ancient Frog (Ancient Workshop, iPhone/iPod Touch), Globulos Party (Globz, DS), Mind Wall (Robinson Technologies, iPhone/iPod Touch).

Achievement In Art

Honorable mentions: Tilt: An Adventure In 1.5 Dimensions (XEODesign, iPhone/iPod Touch), Ancient Frog (Ancient Workshop, iPhone/iPod Touch, Minigore (Mountain Sheep, iPhone/iPod Touch).

Technical Achievement

Honorable mentions: Dawn Of Heroes (Wicked Studos, DS), Aera (ichromo, iPhone/iPod Touch), iPixel (Hecticus Software, iPhone/iPod Touch)

Audio Achievement

  • Lilt Line (different cloth, iPhone/iPod Touch)
  • MuBlip (para9, iPhone/iPod Touch)
  • Zombie Pizza (Appy Entertainment, iPhone/iPod Touch)

Honorable mentions: MelodyBloxx (Beatshapers, PSP Minis), Earth Dragon (levitylab, iPhone/iPod Touch), iBlast Moki (Godzilab, iPhone/iPod Touch)

Best iPhone Game

Honorable mentions: Minigore (Mountain Sheep, iPhone/iPod Touch). Pocket God (Bolt Creative, iPhone/iPod Touch), Doodle Jump (Lima Sky, iPhone/iPod Touch).

IGF Mobile Best Game
Finalists will comprise the winners of the five above categories, to be announced on Monday, February 8th.

Congrats! I’m working on another iPhone game round-up right now, too.

  • Sigvatr_

    The IGF is making money off of poor indie gamers who work in basements with no pay. Some day they will be investigated by child support services.

  • Adamski

    I enjoyed tumbledrop.

  • wttens

    Mobile gaming is hugely meh to me, still. They all feel more “casual” than truly indie in spirit…

  • Rond

    Ugh, is Apple production THAT popular? I mean, no decent games for winmobile at all.

  • ss

    I thought Tumbledrop was box2d, but I guess not?

  • Dataflashsabot

    Man, it’s all this iPhone thingmajig these days. Where’s the Symbian/J2ME love?

  • Dinsdale

    So I guess I won’t be playing any of this any time soon.

    That’s because I don’t have an iPhone.

  • Untitled

    Haha, isn’t the Best iPhone Game category a bit unnecessary?

  • meh

    Tumbledrop for technical achievement? That’s an odd one.

  • Steven

    Drop7, Spider, and Hook Champ are by all means great games. Hook Champ is probably one of my favorite games of 2009, mobile or not.

    I love to see the honorable mentions for that category going to crappy “popular but horrible” games such as Minigore, Pocket Gods, and Doodle Jump.