By: Derek Yu

On: January 31st, 2010

The Global Game Jam 2010 is going on right now. I just had to share GNILLEY, which was made by Radix for the Sydney GGJ. It’s probably one of the few games where being a loud angry drunk works in your favor. You can download the game from here (requires a microphone).

  • Bennett

    Someone should make a game where you can only progress by throwing your controller across the room and hitting escape repeatedly.

  • K

    This is really awesome. Killing enemies through ANGER just sounds fun. I would really like to see some more games implement this idea and expand upon it. Imagine the possibilities…yelling at enemies, singing your way through puzzles, firing different weapons by making different gun sounds…or maybe that would just get really old really fast. Certainly there would be problems with people losing their voice, but I think it might be worth it.

  • falsion

    radix is the man. i don’t typically post on news posts about these kinds of IRL meetups since they’re all circle jerks. but Radix is a cool guy. and this game idea is hilarious.

  • Fattywads

    Greatest game I ever played! I like how you have to figure out what sound to make to get thru barriers. Also that boss fight was EPIC! I think my neighbors hate me now though!

  • Skofo


  • Yakatori

    HAHA! Good job Radix!

  • falsion

    sadly I’m not in a place where I can yell so I can’t play this :(

  • tso

    ^ changing pitch works too

  • Mr. Podunkian

    this sounds like just the game for me

  • ElDoRado1239

    This…is…pure GOLD! XD

  • plvhx

    damn radix is such a champ, tops himself every time.

  • Keyser

    Played this with my brother and we damn near choked our lungs out on the final boss. Radix must be a pro yeller (and judging from how hard I cracked up when I heard him yell DIIIIIEEEE! he mist be)

  • undertech


  • Sash

    Haha I was at this comp. It almost drove me insane, especially at 4 in the morning when you’re trying to get some shut eye and he starts screaming his lungs out.

    It was such an awesome idea through, when he pitched it nobody thought he could do it. But he did. By himself.

  • Dave C

    After failing at Gamma (again), this is just what I needed to put me back in a good mood. :)

  • Q

    if they ever sell this, they should give away some sage candy with it

  • radspencer

    rad dicks is a rad dude

  • JW

    haha this looks great

  • Juhkystar

    What would make this even better would be multiplayer. Imagine having your friends over screaming their lungs out in some sort of deathmatch. ;)

  • DeeDee

    Yes. My god. Please. Multiplayer. Deathmatch. Pleeeeeease…

  • judgespear

    hell yeah, yelling battles. people can settle once and for all who is more manlier and more hotblooded than the rest.

  • Xeno

    That’s fucking awesome

  • Phoomegaishun

    This is art.

  • Radix

    Now to do an xblig sequel and become a hundredaire, haha.

  • Nyogtha


  • Sergio

    I’d like to see a GGJ roundup sometime soon!

  • Ein

    yeah i dont post on frontpage often too but this idea is awesome! radix ruling : D

  • Exca

    There was also similar game made in Finland during the gamejam, Play dead II: Growling of the dead where sound is used to imitate zombies, check it out here

  • Jason Scott

    The game, which looks a lot like Legend of Zelda, unwittingly (?) duplicates a functionality of that game, where if you screamed at certain enemies, they would blow up. The original Famicom had a microphone attachment, and you could yell. Demonstration here:

    So, well, welcome to 1986.

  • Simple Syrup



  • Not that Guy

    Wow, that was just amazing. I wish all games had that feature as a sort of backup when you continually get killed in one level or something. Just yell and everything on the screen is annihilated. Like something out of DBZ…

  • paul eres

    i saw this video earlier today and only later learned that it’s radix in that video; great video

  • Hero

    This game is rad, just like Radix. Great work.

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