Mod DB’s Indie Games of 2009

By: Derek Yu

On: February 5th, 2010

Natural Selection 2 was voted Indie Game of the Year by the members of Mod DB. According to developer Unknown Worlds, the above video reveals “the first game footage of the skulk, marine, gorge, command station, the sentry and a marine base chock full of marine toys”.

The other games honored are Wolfire’s Overgrowth, 0 A.D. (an open-source ancient history RTS), FOnline: 2238 (a pretty amazing-looking free-to-play Fallout MMORPG), and Platinum Arts Sandbox, a free, open-source 3D game creation program. Really cool stuff. I need to pay closer attention to Mod DB, apparently!

By the way, for those of you who were curious about the results of the NS2/Overgrowth Preorder Promo that happened last month, Wolfire’s provided a postmortem. And for those of you who were curious about Wolfire’s John Graham, Wolfire’s John Graham’s beard, and more importantly, Wolfire’s John Graham’s beard’s color, check out this video. Warning: it’s hot!

  • addictive

    I don’t understand, how can you have Indie Game of the Year, with the majority of them not even released?

    That’s like having sportsman of the year and the guy trained, but didn’t actually compete… but boy, did he train hard…

  • silpheed

    another good informative post. derek yu should write the whole website.

  • falsion

    moddb is weird like that. they allow nominations on unreleased games or mods. go figure.

  • Krux

    how can an unreleased game be the first place?

  • r.kachowski

    i can’t wait to get my jetpack and heavy armour and ruin everyone’s day again

  • Tyheam

    That’s because they have no two seperate categories for upcoming and released indie games like they have for mods. No wonder since indie games only slowly start to show up on ModDB. I bet that they will expand this award once they get popular there.

  • falsion

    yeah.. they should organize things better. :

  • mots


  • jrjellybeans

    It’s nice to see more moddb news.

    As for the games, they look awesome. Can’t wait to play them.

  • Wandering Minstrel

    Isn’t Platinum Arts Sandbox Sauerbraten only I guess with something to change the game logic? It’s definitely the same engine, and judging by the videos mostly the same [rather poor] open source assets. How strange!

  • Benji

    I’ve been playing FOnline ever since reading this post. Is anyone else playing/dying a lot like I have been?

  • Devon

    Worse than the unreleased part…

    I can’t beleive that so many unoriginal games even got nominated. From what I could see the majority of the winners are clones of manstream comercial games.

    Indy game of the year should definately nnot go to a commercial game that just had a little moddification, and/or a name change. Its rediculous.