Cave Story Wii Coming to North America on March 22nd

By: Derek Yu

On: February 24th, 2010

Igor from Cave Story

Cave Story Wii has finally been given a release date, at least in North America.

The game includes 5 game modes, including Easy Mode, Hard Mode, Boss Rush, and Sanctuary Time Attack.

Other features:

  • Standard definition and Wii-exclusive progressive (480p) graphics
  • New character designs by creator, Daisuke Amaya
  • Completely redrawn background and interface, exclusive to Wii
  • Remastered music as well as the original soundtrack
  • Mix-and-match new/old artwork and music!
  • Five new play modes (including Sanctuary Time Attack and Boss Rush)
  • Three-save files, as demanded by fans
  • Over 20 epic boss battles through Mimiga Island
  • 15 levels to explore in the vast world
  • 10 unique weapons to find and upgrade
  • Classic Controller compatibility
  • Three unique endings
  • A few surprises fans

You can read the full press release here.

Also, here’s a brief interview I did with Pixel about Cave Story Wii last year. Various constraints forbade me from posting it until now. Enjoy!

Derek: Hi, Pixel, it’s nice to get to speak with you again!

Pixel: Thanks!

D: How is the Cave Story Wii project going?

P: I’ve played it a few times to check the game’s progress through development. It feels very good. I find the newly re-drawn artwork agreeable and I’m happy with the newly re-mixed music.

D: Last time I talked with you, you said you were hesitant to do games commercially, and to work in a group where your vision might be compromised. What made you decide to work with Nicalis on this project?

P: I, myself, have thought about making commercial games, but I haven’t had any good ideas about it. When Tyrone first contacted me I was a bit puzzled and didn’t really understand entirely. After our continued discussions I could feel Tyrone’s passion for Cave Story. It surpassed my own and I felt that I could leave it up to him.

D: When did you start working on the project, exactly?

P: When was it? I think maybe Spring or Summer of ‘08? Tyrone, when was it?

(Tyrone: That’s right.)

D: What was the process like, working with Nicalis? Do you talk every day? How did you get around the language barrier?

P: Tyrone’s wife is Japanese and I am grateful for her help in advancing my conversations with Tyrone this far. He’s currently studying Japanese; we’re not able to communicate entirely with each other with just us when he visits my home. My English studies have not gotten far…I’m sorry.

(T: Derek, he’s being very modest, his English has come a LONG way.)

D: Are you happy with the new features, like the high resolution graphics? How did you and Nicalis decide on these features?

P: I am satisfied with how Cave Story turned out on the Wii. It’s fun to think about games, but to actually implement them is many times more difficult. Now that it’s come together I feel rewarded thanks to the support of all the players.

D: Are you interested in doing more commercial game development now?

P: I haven’t thought about it yet. I can’t think in my head of what’s necessary.


D: I noticed that fans sent you a DS last year, and you must also have a Wii now. Are you trying out a lot of new games? Are there any that captivate you?

P: I don’t have a Wii yet, but I plan on getting one.

D: Cave Story has made a huge impact on the Western independent game scene. Do you play any indie games or have any thoughts about them?

P: I don’t know too much about indie games. You mean games created by an individual and such, right? I have looked around for free games, but lately, due to time constraints, I haven’t had time to play much.

D: What has the response to the Cave Story Wii project been like in Japan?

P: I received many congratulatory words. I’m happy because many people have expressed interest in a Japanese version for Wii.

D: Have you worked on anything else game-related in the meantime?

P: I’m working a little bit on an RPG, but I’m still barely on the basic systems.

D: Have you worked on anything else creative, like art and music?

P: Right now I’ve just been making the RPG. I’ve made a bit of pixel art and music for the RPG, but it’s all still temporary.

D: You were a student when you started Cave Story, and you were an office worker when you finished. Now that Cave Story Wii is almost out, is your life even more different?

P: It stopped once I got job. Lately, I’ve been coming home late so I’ve left the house duties and child support to my wife. Saturdays and Sundays are spent doing household chores. Anything creative is typically done on nights during the week.

Cave Story Christmas

D: How often do you play your own games? Do you have any new thoughts about Cave Story now?

P: I test my games until they’re complete, until I hate them. So, I end up not playing the games I create. But I’m looking forward to playing Cave Story on the Wii.

I still receive requests for a sequel to Cave Story even now. I don’t have any ideas for a sequel to Cave Story, but if I started making it, I believe I could come up with something. Cave Story was actually developed in that manner.

D: It’s popular to ask a random question at the end of the interview. Last time I asked you what your favorite food was, and you said lightly-salted onigiri (Japanese rice balls). This time I’ll ask you what your favorite movie is!

P: My favorite movie is The Game with Michael Douglas. I watched it twice and enjoyed it both times. Also, A Chinese Ghost Story (Joey Wong) – I saw it when I was a kid, but it was a very uncomfortable feeling. Also, a few more I can recall are Mr. Vampire 2, Aliens, and Pom Poko.

D: Once again, if you have anything else you’d like to say to your fans…

P: Thank you for your support.

I hope that you will some day will be able to play the RPG being created now. Although it’s still into the unforeseeable future…

  • Maimed Fox

    EVERYONE. Buy enough copies of this so he can quit his job and go indie :3

  • Dodger


    Now you’re making things up. I called you a troll? Please tell me the comment number so I can refresh my memory.

    Do I really have to explain the whole 3 developer / 3 game thing again?

    This is growing old. I’m not out to get you or give you unwanted attention, keep it up though and you won’t be doing yourself any favors.

    Lets just be civil and leave it at what it was and proceed on to something new. I don’t want to rehash the whole Shakespearean influence on games over and over, cuz I just don’t see it or anything close to it really, you do I guess. We’ll leave it at that.

    Cave Story is a very good game, had lots of fun with it.

    I agree with Paul Eres in that I thought Aquaria was a better game though and that’s probably based on what I think would be the amount of time, care, creativity and talent (so as not to forget Jenna’s excellent V.O. work) that went into the game, and the fact that it didn’t just come into being by the hands of one developer or artist, but that doesn’t take away from Cave Story being a great indie title all on its own. I just enjoyed Aquaria more. I still wouldn’t refer to it (Aquaria) as revolutionary, but it was refreshing and a damn good site to see such a combination of sharp graphics, smooth gameplay, and excellent music and sound held together by an indie crew when in fact it looked, played, and sounded like something that a big development studio might have made.

    There’s no need to start a conflict regarding this either, that is just my opinion of two “metroidvania” style titles that I’ve enjoyed out of many. I brought them up because Paul had brought up Aquaria and to this date I find Aquaria the most fun I’ve had with the “genre” since Castlevania: SOTN, but again, that’s just me and my opinion.

    Please share your own, but don’t look at this as a snide against your comment.

  • judgespear

    Maimed Fox: Pixel doesn’t do it for the money though. If he did, he’d be cranking out games in a matter of months rather than several years. It’s just a thing he does in his free time, which is why (if you follow the progress of his games) he takes often takes his time to release things. He’s always been that way even before he had this job.

    I doubt he even expected Cave Story to be very popular, but he’s happy that he can make it available on Wiiware. Even if it does sell a lot, I don’t think he’ll change the way he operates.

  • judgespear

    Also he’s making pretty good progress on his RPG. There’s a thread about it on the forums. The last build I checked out looked a lot like classic Zelda on the NES and had multiplayer and a color changing mechanic. But as always, Pixel takes his time to update his games. This hasn’t changed, he’s been like this even when he was working on Cave Story. It’s always interesting to watch the progress he makes on his games though.

  • Jesus

    “I called you a troll?”

    Sorry, it was Deadeye.

    “Do I really have to explain the whole 3 developer / 3 game thing again?”

    It wasn’t about the 3 game thing, it was about the tone of your comments and calling other people ignorant 13 year olds. Not to mention the “bwahahahahahaha” thing.

  • Quazi er.. i mean Hitler

    am i the only one who finds it hilarious that everyones getting angry at someone named Jesus.

    sure hes acting like a fucktard but who cares what kind of outlandish opinionated statements he makes. you don’t have to prove him otherwise hes probably just trolling for fun from the likes of his name anyways. games are nothing like art or poetry ina sense that theyre much more holistic, and there’s no true yardstick to measure the quality of games in any case, since games can be much more varied than simply a story, an image on a canvas, or music being played. the very nature of games, something made to induce “fun” means that the quality of a game and what makes it better than another one depends entirely on the person.

    “Jesus” just has a very narrow way of looking at things, and can only appreciate what many others call “perfection”. a true sheep, basing his ideas on things rooted in the opinions of others. jesus you are a great man.

  • denton

    That makes no sense, Quazi. I have teacher at school in my Spanish class who is named Jesus. Is there something wrong with being named that? Why the prejudice?

  • denton

    And for the record, it’s pronounced Hey Zeus. It’s a pretty common name, and I really don’t get what you’re trying to insinuate. Please think before you speak next time.

  • denton

    Also you both should shut the hell up and stop bickering over nothing, please.

  • Dodger

    This discussion has dipped off into the Twilight Zone now.

  • Jamal

    LOL, Dodger! I got that exact same feeling.

    @Harry. Well played, sir.

    And since I am a trouble-maker myself, part of the problem and never part of the solution, here are my own opinions:

    Cave Story = the Stairway to Heaven (or Citizen Kane) of indie games.

    Cactus = James Brown, the hardest-working cat in the business.

    Derek Yu = The David Bowie of the industry. Eternal Daughter, tigsource, Aquaria, Spelunky, you never know quite what to expect, but you can bet it will be refreshing!

    Nifflas = Pink Floyd. Wall-to-wall brilliant, odd games that don’t play down to convention.

    Matt Thornson = The White Stripes. Fun, colorful artistry. Tom Sennett can be Meg :P

    *cough* That’s all for now. Oh and a quick shoutout: Hey Zeus!

  • Bradf

    indie games lol

  • Dodger

    If they are legends in indie games –

    That means…

    Hideo Kojima = Jesus Christ, The Prophet Muhammad, Dalai Lama, Allah, and Hulk Hogan – all on Steroids!

    We must now build shrines in honor of Kojima san! Once that’s done we’ll have a crusade and build churches and temples in his honor – after we’ve killed the blasphemers of course!

    Snake shall be reborn on the 4th day. Snake?!? Snnnnaaaaaaakkkkeee!

  • Jesus

    Kojima is a pro but he should fire the man who writes stories for most of his games, especially the MGS series.

  • SwimmingWithAlligators

    He has pretty good taste in movies. Except for The Game, that was just so-so.

  • Sparky

    This makes me want to go play Cave Story again. Good luck with the upcoming release!

    It’s nice to see this interview. There’s some interesting material here.

    I’m excited about Pixel’s RPG. I imagine his talents will apply well to this sort of project. I know it will probably be a while before it sees the light of day, but I respect how busy he is with work and family life. Best wishes, Pixel!

  • paul eres

    “Kojima is a pro but he should fire the man who writes stories for most of his games, especially the MGS series.”

    they usually read

    writer: hideo kojima

  • Dodger

    Ya, I was about to say that as well Paul.

    Besides Jesus, as much as I love Hideo Kojima’s games, I was simply joking around since others were making comparisons between indie developers, rock stars, legends, and celebrities. Figured I’d just chime in a with a little off-the-wall comparisons myself.

    “Snake?!? Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkeeee!!!”

  • guile

    What does this have to do with Pixel? Can we please get back on topic?

  • Dodger

    guile: Go back to playing Street Fighter, idiot. This is a site about indie games. And I can derail topics all I want, who gives a shit? What are you going to do, ban me? Hahaha

  • Forte Dante

    Cave Story didn’t invent anything new or expand anything (well, it does do some nifty things with game mechanics like the weapons upgrade). If the story moved you, that’s your problem, because you clearly don’t do anything but play videogames. Cave Story didn’t invent storytelling in videogames either. In terms of indie Metroidvanias my favourite is an Untitled Story because it’s well-designed and difficult (not because of some bullshit about a story that made me cry, seriously).

    Cave Story is revolutionary because it inspired a lot of people to try making a game without an entire studio. Well, in the Western scene anyways, I think doujin games are older than Cave Story.

    You’re deluded if you think its some sort of Shakespearean literature. I bet Pixel himself would tell you that “it’s just a game”.

  • Jamal

    The unique leveling-up system of Cave Story is, to me, it’s true invention. Strangely though, haven’t seen this device copied to any degree in later games.

    And I agree with what you said about Untitled Story, Forte. Superb level design and very challenging gameplay, this game is way too overlooked in our community.

  • paul eres

    hey, i read dostoevsky and hugo and dickens and all that, but i still think cave story had a pretty moving story — a story doesn’t have to be amazingly written to be moving: very simple things can be moving, it doesn’t take exceptional skill to do it. you don’t need to be some every-hundred-year master of literature to make a story worth telling.

    for instance, simply putting curly in danger of dying, dying, having an ending with an alternate way to save her, and a final level in that alternate way which she was tied to your back and helped you shoot enemies in it was pretty great, and quite effective storytelling. it’s a simple thing, but simple things can be very effective, like the simple hand-holding in ico.

  • Jamey

    Whoa, this discussion almost turned into a GamFAQs thread.

  • Jamey


  • Forte Dante

    That’s exactly my point. It doesn’t take exceptional skill to write a story that’s engaging. So it’s been done by Cave Story, and it’s been done by many other games. Which is why it isn’t revolutionary for that reason (I already gave that reason) and stating that that’s why Pixel (and a couple others) are the only one making good indie games ridiculous.

  • Dodger

    @Paul Eres or Derek Yu,

    Comment #70 wasn’t me. I wonder what IP address they have and who else it belongs to that has left comments in this thread?
    If you could please delete that garbage, that would be great.

  • Dodger

    Back to the subject:

    Cave Story reminds me of what I loved about classic NES and SNES titles. It reminded me a lot of games like Blaster Master, Xanadu and Ys III: Wanderers from Ys, and it surpassed those games on almost every level. Cave Story’s story is far more interesting than those other games I mentioned as well, but that nostalgia that it brought back was undeniable. Things were simpler back then and Cave Story is just more evidence that games (even today) can still be simple yet, engrossing and full of charm and character.

  • valzi

    Agree with WAYYYYY back in the thread that Aquaria is the most fun with a metroidvania since SOTN (though some of the GBA Castlevania games come close.) I haven’t finished it yet though – I am so ashamed.

    I love Cave Story, but I’ve never understood why its status is so elevated in comparison to some of the other generally equivalent (better and/or worse in certain respects) indie games.

  • paul eres

    was a different ip address than you, but wasn’t anyone else (at least in the last 3 pages of comments). will ban that address.

  • Jesus

    “they usually read

    writer: hideo kojima”

    That’s the joke.

    Anyway, I totally agree with Paul that “simple” stories can be effective and that it doesn’t really matter in which medium they’re told. It only depends on artist’s talent and skill.

    P.S. I didn’t like Aquaria because it had too much copy-pasting in level design, bad voice acting and subpar art direction. But that’s just me with my perfect taste.

  • Dodger


    I think people see Cave Story as the little engine that could, in some regards. It’s easy to like all of Cave Story’s elements and get caught up in its world. I think people found it enjoyable and charming for various reasons and the fact that it was a freeware game that contained all of that goodness made an impression on peoples expectations in terms of other freeware games and what people felt toward other developers who were charging a price for their games that perhaps didn’t feel as developed or as polished as Cave Story did to them, especially when comparing the freeware game to commercial efforts. So I think people like to make some comparisons to Cave Story based on some of those reasons and perhaps many others, but that is why they sort of want / expect that same feeling they got from Cave Story when a new game comes along, especially one that might cost money. I could be completely wrong about the general public though, but I think those are reasons for the Cave Story “hysteria” ;) I’m not entirely sure it’s that everyone sees Cave Story as the end all and be all of video games at their peak, where games simply can’t get any better, it’s just that people want every new game to have that same quality and appeal. Those are just my thoughts behind some of the peoples reasoning that you were questioning, I could be wrong though.

    @Paul Eres,

    Thank you, I wouldn’t mind so much if people were humorous or witty when trying to “impersonate” someone else, but in most cases they do it to create problems. You’ve experienced your fair share of the problem as well from what I remember, so thanks again.


    Okay, I can accept your opinion of Aquaria and other games, but, when you say certain things or make certain statements and claims I find it very hard to believe your sincerity and honesty. It’s almost as if you’ll say you didn’t like something as if to defy other peoples opinions, rather than give an honest reason for not liking that thing or those things that are being discussed. Saying things like copy-pasting in level design… you may have to elaborate on that a little because the level design was much like other “metroidvania” games, only the gameplay mechanics made the game easy to navigate and user friendly. But, perhaps that really is your opinion about the levels. Alright, I’ll accept that one. However, to say that the voice acting was bad and that the art direction was sub-par just doesn’t sound like a comment coming for an entirely sane person. I’m really not trying to paint you out to be ignorant or anything, but that’s one of the most trivial comments I’ve read in a while. We couldn’t have been further from agreeing with one another when you made that statement comparing Pixel to Shakespeare, but this comment is along those same lines. The voice acting in Aquaria was spot-on and in most cases better than dozens of triple-A titles made for mainstream console gaming. The art direction (both the audio and visual design) were big reasons for actually buying the game but they were elements that worked so well because the game was also extremely easy to get into and pick-up and play. So I really don’t know whether to trust the honesty behind your opinions. I can still respect when someone has a different opinion than my own, but when someone says something or makes a comment that really doesn’t make any sense, it usually means that what was said or the comment that was made wasn’t entirely truthful or sincere. It’s something someone might say simply to stir up or instigate, and perhaps that’s the reason for it, but otherwise it just doesn’t seem sincere. It’s almost as if I can’t believe you’ve played much of Aquaria, if any of it at all.

  • Jesus

    I dropped Aquaria when I reached the final chapter (it was called “The Body”, I believe).

    I really meant what I said before. If my English was good enough I could write a book on the greatness of Cave Story and why it’s better than anything in the world including Aquaria, but my English sucks and I’m afraid I can’t convey most of my thoughts and arguments eloquently enough.

    Besides, no one seems to read these comments anymore.

  • Arachne

    “I’m afraid I can’t convey…” doesn’t sound like you really believe that your English sucks.

    I’ll accept your opinion that you didn’t like the art style and voice acting. But it’s one thing to say you didn’t like it and another to say that it sucks. But here’s my take on voice acting.

    IMO, as far as indie titles go, Aquaria has some of the better voice acting. There aren’t too many points of comparison, since most indie games tend to use text over voiceovers.

    There is one other indie game that comes to mind for me, though. In the first three King’s Quest games they use voice acting, but the quality fluctuates a lot. King Graham was great, mostly because they used the original voice actor from KQV. His style’s a little Shatnerian, but it suits the corny fun of the series. The third remake was done by a different group, and I think the voice acting suffered on account of it. There was one barmaid who had almost no expression whatsoever in her voice. I read that it was because the original girl had bailed at the last minute and one of the developers used his sister at the last moment. Those things happen, especially when it’s a small group that’s not getting paid.

    Then again, a lot of commercial voice acting can be pretty weak (there are video compilations on Youtube of hilariously bad voice acting in video games), but they usually get paid at least a little. In the actors’ defense they aren’t always given the context in which the line is said, since companies cut those kinds of corners to save money.

    I’m stopping now because my comment’s getting too long.

  • Arachne

    I love this interview, btw. It seems funny that Pixel isn’t really in on the indie game genre, which is just as well, since there can be a lot of unnecessary squabbling the he gets to avoid.
    If he keeps making good games, we’ll keep playing them. That’s all that matters.

  • Jamal

    “If my English was good enough I could write a book on the greatness of Cave Story and why it’s better than anything in the world”

    Yes, you could, but who would read it? ;)

  • paul eres

    my thoughts on cave story vs aquaria (even though this is a stupid subject) are: there are elements of cave story i liked better than aquaria: the action was more responsive for instance. and it didn’t shy away from dialogue (as so many modern games do), which made the story more compelling to me than aquaria’s story — aquaria had fewer characters, and the villain figure wasn’t as interesting as cave story’s villains. the music was great in both games.

    but i really did prefer the non-linear exploration of aquaria, versus the linear level by level flow of cave story; that’s a pretty important element for a game to have to me, i like going any way i want and not being pushed through hoops. i liked how big the world was too – the world felt at least ten times the size of cave story’s world (even if a lot of it was just empty space). and aquaria was just more varied visually, cave story’s resolution was tiny and it did very well with what it had, but aquaria was probably among the best 2d games visually i’ve ever seen (only recent AAA 2d games like odin sphere beat it there).

    i don’t see why we can’t just enjoy both games though; the attitude of ‘these are the only indie games that are good, the rest are worthless’ are what i think people are reacting against. i may as equally well say that super mario bros 3, pikmin, and chrono trigger are the only mainstream games worth playing, and that the rest can’t live up to those three therefore they’re not worth playing. besides, if someone really felt that those three were the only indie game developers worth playing the games of, why would they come to tigsource at all? couldn’t they save themselves some time just reading the sites of those developers, since they know that no other indie game can live up to those three?

  • DYH

    Nice interview, really. I am amazed that the man has not been dragged into the indie community, maybe because it exploded first after his game?

    Then again, sometimes Internet communities can become too much for some people (I feel I got enough, often), it takes a certain type of people, too.

  • salade

    I agree with paul that whichever game is *better* is really just a matter of personal preference. for instance, my preference is towards cavestory’s linear path through an open world, but that’s just the way I am.

    Style wise, I like to think of cavestory as Indie game’s Bladerunner(yes I know i’m being hypocritical) since it’s pixel art, chiptunes, and retro type story in a time period far after the end of retro. it may not be the only game that did this, but, like Bladrunner, it’s always going to be the one that everybody remembers. however, I wouldn’t really call Bladerunner a Master piece, while Cavestory certainly is.

  • Dodger

    @Paul Eres,

    *”i don’t see why we can’t just enjoy both games though; the attitude of ‘these are the only indie games that are good, the rest are worthless’ are what i think people are reacting against. i may as equally well say that super mario bros 3, pikmin, and chrono trigger are the only mainstream games worth playing, and that the rest can’t live up to those three therefore they’re not worth playing. besides, if someone really felt that those three were the only indie game developers worth playing the games of, why would they come to tigsource at all? couldn’t they save themselves some time just reading the sites of those developers, since they know that no other indie game can live up to those three?”*

    That was actually my point as well, Aquaria just happened to be a good example for me of a single other title because it is one of those indie games that a lot of people have heard about, was well received, and still delivered all of the necessary elements that make for a great game. I really don’t expect everyone to agree with my opinion, and I’m open to others opinions, I just have a hard time with a persons opinion when they make sweeping generalizations that don’t actually convey their own opinion, eg. saying the voice acting in Aquaria “was just bad”… that’s not an opinion, that’s a statement claiming everyone agrees.

    It shouldn’t really be a competition, again, I think Cave Story just set a standard for the type of games that can be developed when the developer takes the time and puts forth the effort to create a compelling, interesting, and fun game – and it doesn’t necessarily require a large group of people to achieve such a thing as has been proven.

    Maybe it is because English is my first language and not of course, not everyone else has English as their first language. This can make reading and writing comprehension between cultures and nationalities difficult through the written word. For the most part I think a majority of the people here are all doing the best they can to convey their opinions but our wires become crossed a little in translation since the comprehension of what we’re writing doesn’t always come across the same way. One example of this would be the use of sarcasm. I tend to be sarcastic a lot, but because it’s the written word we’re talking about, it doesn’t always come across the way you expected or wanted it to and so others who couldn’t comprehend what you were thinking simply by what you’ve written (hard as you might try) things sometimes come across as an insult instead of tongue-in-cheek humor or even a rolling of the eyes at times. Things like that can be difficult to express when others might take the comment in a completely different way that you had intended. I know I’m not the only offender though, and, I do try to remain open-minded regarding the opinions of others.

  • Arachne

    Yeah, I love both Cave Story and Aquaria, and I’ve been trying to convince my boyfriend to play both, along with Spelunky. I think Paul was on the mark in comparing both games. I love Aquaria, but I know the gameplay isn’t perfect, and Cave Story’s is way smoother. On the other hand, I love the exploration of Aquaria.

  • Dodger


    And this is why we need Pixel, Nicalis, Derek, and Alec to work on the sequel – which I’ve purchased the rights to (which I will also be making a movie adaptation of) ;) It will be called:

    Cave Aquaria 2: The Mimiga Story

    And gaming sites and journalists will dub it “the game that killed all other games!”

    And there will never need to be another 2d non-linear exploration game ever again because it will surpass both Cave Story and Aquaria combined.

    There will be 38 different endings, branching pathways (among branching pathways) in non-linear exploratory gameplay with character leveling, singing, cooking, swimming, running and jumping, flying, puzzle solving, rhythm based gameplay, with hidden sections that will also allow you to use your rockband accessories, and it will also feature special appearances by Solid Snake, Otacon, and Shigeru Miyamoto.

    edit: The game is already in development as we speak and should be in the beta stages in a 6 – 8 months. Obviously this is all very real because you just can’t make something like this up.

  • Arachne

    Lol, Dodger, you’re hilarious. That sounds insane.

  • Akito

    Cool. @ Cave story Wii release. @ Cave Story sequel @ Pixel has a wife and a kid. Aww how adorable~
    YESSS~ I <3 Cave story..

  • SlyKnife

    My little brother loves this game he will be so happy th@ its coming out