Cave Story: Developer’s Voice

By: Derek Yu

On: March 15th, 2010

If you’re a Cave Story fan I think you’re going to enjoy this video! The game is coming out for WiiWare (North America) on March 22nd. Check the Nicalis blog for more information and other goodies, like fan art.

  • jad




  • jad

    Ahaha, that was great.

    Pixel showed his face for the first time, that was completely unexpected. Some of the mystery is lost all of a sudden so some part of me feels a little empty, haha, but that’s how it goes when you’re a silly fan, I think.

    Other than that I don’t know what to say about the video. The new versions of the songs are fun enough – I don’t really get what’s up with making a new soundtrack with the same kind of limitations, but when you think about the feature in-game it’s like being able to push a ‘remix’ button if you get too tired of the same song :D So viewed in that light I think it’s all fine.

    I also think the direction of the video is a little funny, how Tyrone says ‘hi pixel!’ and then they’re sitting in separate places talking by themselves for the rest of the video. Fun times.

  • Jamal

    jad, that WAS a bit strange. Maybe you can access the secret interview in hell mode..

  • Lord Tim

    Spoliers: Balrog is a bar of soap.

  • Alex

    Aww, Pixel seems like a really nice guy and that was a pretty good video

  • Pita

    I’m all giddy.

  • Eclipse

    all I have to say is: OMFG

  • rdein


  • rdein

    Wow. This was amazing. seriously. wow. wow. wow.

  • Demicol

    I’m really glad this is finally getting released!

  • SEH

    They really did all the right things with this version. Preserved the classic content and added new features in the same spirit. They had this at the NOA booth at GDC and it was beautiful.

    Now I have an urge to go wash my hands with a bar of something…

  • AClarkFS

    beautiful, been looking forward to that for ages.

  • thomasmahler

    Needs XBLA Port.

  • Tom

    Balrog is a bar of WHAT!?

  • GoSign


  • circlejerk 2

    I think that’s the game Derek Yu ripped off for Spelunky.

  • namuol

    that day i spent carving soap as a cub-scout is finally going to pay off.

  • Tye The Czar

    As impossible as it is(the series creator is the Kurt Cobain of games and doesn’t want his games to go mainstream), I’d love to see Nicalis get to do remakes of the Touhou games. Even better would be to have the original PC-98 games be remade along with fully remixed music.

  • undertech


  • Dorian

    Balrog is bar of soap! Now we know!

  • Radix

    so smooth~

  • astrofra

    What about this hires version in Steam as well ?

  • MisterX

    DLC, huh? Oh well.

  • Super anon

    Turns out Balrog isn’t a toaster after all.

  • Alex

    Balrog may be a bar of soap, but he is the most badass bar of soap ever.

  • Let me say it

    If pixel was in a prison, he had better hang on to his bar of soap!
    I would totally do him in th

  • Jamez

    Anyone know what software he was using for his sprite animation? It looked awesome.

  • Dodger

    Cave Story and WiiWare will go hand-in-hand I think. It’s the perfect console for the game.

    I seriously hope they do not port this to any other system for 3 major reasons.

    1.) Cave Story ** *is* ** a Nintendo game (at its heart) made by just a “regular” dude.

    2.) This really does not need to be ported to an XBLA version.

    3.) Cave Story is one of those few games that make owning a wii worth while, and, if you don’t own a wii it makes it worthwhile to just go out and buy one (Who doesn’t own a Wii? You’re a minority ;-P). There are very few games of it’s type on any console (these days).

    It’ll be interesting to see how well it sells. Hopefully it’ll outsell World of Goo (over time of course).

    Best of success and luck to Tyrone and Pixel.

  • Drake

    Might be just me who’s getting confused, but does this mean that the hell run is not available even if you do all the things required to open it, unless you also get the DLC? Never been too hot on DLCs. Then again, I’m not even quite at the point of trusting Nintendo’s shop enough to buy a bunch of stuff there.

    Never mind that though, I’m still getting this game.

  • butr0s

    Great video. Pixel seems like a real earnest guy.

  • !CE-9

    way to kill the legend. a bar of soap?????

  • Alex

    It seems Nintendo always end up having valuable exclusives. Even indie ones.

    Between Cave Story, Bit.Trip and La Mulana, among other good mainstream games, both new and old, my late purchase of a current generation console is already defined. That and the fact I can’t get an Xbox Live account in my country without a workaround.

  • Alex


    People thought it was toaster or a television before. Do you think it would be any better? Balrog is still badass.

    Give Pixel a break. To be able to create such a cool character from a soap bar show how his creativity is strong.

  • Gerard

    no homo, but pixel is adorable

    don’t tell me i’m the only one

  • XSportSeeker

    The man, the legend revealed!

  • Let me say it

    My pillow now has a picture of pixel printed on it.


    Bricks have been shat

  • skaldicpoet9



    Oh well, I know I’ll be buying this at the very least.

    However, I really hate the trend of DLC nowadays, especially the nickel and dime stuff like the Mega Man 9 DLC.

  • skaldicpoet9

    “…Cave Story for Wii includes five new play modes. Previously announced as Add-On/Download Content, Nicalis, Inc. has integrated these modes as part of the full game, so there’s need for additional downloads or purchases.”

    I just found this in a press release from last month on the Nicalis blog. When was this video made? I assume that it was before the DLC was announced as being a part of the full game?

    Is this release on the blog still accurate? Because if so, I would really be overjoyed. It made me a little sad that Cave Story Wii would have DLC.

  • undertech

    I can just see it now, Pixel holding fast as best as he possibly could against the Nintendo suits when the mention of DLC came up. He had thought this was going to be easy.
    Suddenly, he felt a sharp elbow in his ribcage. It was Tyrone, with an impatient wink on his face…

  • Yuu

    The DLC is included in the whole game now. Scaldingpoet is right.

  • Marcus

    Tyrone talking to geisha at the start of the video… awkward.

  • heyadol

    They look like maiko, not geisha.

  • Marcus

    well, they are maiko, if you want to be nerdy.

  • SwimmingWithAlligators

    wow. what an unbearable japanophile. The less I hear him speaking the better.
    And ol’ Pixel would have been better off staying as a bit of an enigma.

  • Sean


    I dunno about the unbearable part. This guy had vision and determination, and if he’s as decent a human being as he seems to be, Pixel stands to benefit very much from Tyrone’s interest in Japan, its language, and its culture. In fact, all Cave Story fans do as well. I think he’s quite the right kind of Japanophile!

    Also, I wish Pixel were my friend, too! He seems like a really nice guy.

  • !CE-9

    @SwimmingWithAlligators: actually, that was exactly my first impression about Tyrone. But he seems to have the brawns to complement Pixel’s brains that can get Cave Story a bit more recognition, still not one bit more than it would deserve anyhow.

    @Alex: it’s easy to beat _me_ in seriousness. why don’t you pick on someone your own size? D=

  • mako

    @Gerard you arn’t. I want to consume him.

  • SwimmingWithAlligators

    I’m not the kind of guy to say anything bad about bringing CS to the Wii. I think it was a great idea, and Tyrone had good sense to pursue it and do it. And he may be the nicest guy in town. I still find his manner of speaking and the way he has presented himself on video to be, well, irritating. I lived over there for a year and foriegners like that are pretty common as well as annoying. So maybe I’m just poisoned against em. And I think it would’ve served Pixel better to remain unphotographed simply because it would have lent his already fairly legendary online persona more character.

  • Runer5h

    Nice to know that the man (Pixel) is getting some money for his work. I assume he does get a fairly substantial cut out of every copy of the game sold.