By: Derek Yu

On: March 25th, 2010


A quick announcement: Eskil Steenberg’s online multiplayer game Love was quietly released a few hours ago. In the game you cooperate with other players to build settlements and defend yourself from AI tribes who are competing with you for resources. I haven’t tried it yet, but there’s a gameplay video on the Love website where Eskil shows off some of the things you can do in the game.

Love costs 10 Euros (roughly $13.50 USD) a month to play. There’s no subscription involved – you simply pay 10 Euros every time you want to add another month. Eskil explains the reasoning behind this payment model here.

TIGdb: Entry for Love

  • Flamebait

    @Loki: no, but neither is selling a month for $15, or $10, or any amount, which was my point.

  • Stwelin


    Google doesn’t bite.

  • Yakatori

    He might have titled his game “LOVE,” but I have nothing but that for Eskil the person.

    “Last year Eskil told everyone to fire their designers, this year he’s telling everyone to fire their artists.”

    After watching and reading some of his interviews and presentations, I just lost all my respect for this guy. He’s smart and he did this by himself, but that might be because of necessity. He has to work alone for having social skills comparable to a rock. Pretty pathetic, I hope he falls flat on his face, and then go and beg a designer and an artist to hire him.

  • Alex May

    Anthony Flack: Yes, “fire your designers” a direct quote. The full sentence was “you should fire your designers” IIRC.

  • judgespear

    Why couldn’t he implement voice chat into the game and integrate it into the gameplay?

    The fact that you need to download teamspeak (an external program) as a necessary component to play the game seems rather shoddy. I may as well give my money to the developers of TS than to this guy.

    And he seriously said to fire your designers? Wow, that’s funny because he sure could use some.