His Dark Majesty

By: Derek Yu

On: May 13th, 2010

What do you do when you’re programming AI for a turn-based strategy game but modern computers aren’t challenging you enough? Put it on the 8-bit Atari! And that’s what Jakub Debski did when he created His Dark Majesty, which is free to download and is playable via a number of 8-bit Atari emulators, like Atari800Win. Links to the emulators are available from the game’s homepage, along with an interesting account of the game’s development (including screenshots). It’s a beautiful piece of work. (TIGForums thread)

  • rmiller

    cover a compo he made? considering the way he's behaving, why bother? it seems like just a surefire way to attract more whining from him.

    maybe if he asked nicely, but .. hahahha yeah right

  • rmiller

    one thing mr fellate my ego is forgetting here is that TIGSource was down for a couple of weeks since they were changing the blog software.

    of coarse, that doesn't matter to him since he has such a hardon for derek yu

  • quote

    look at indiegames.com

    scroll down and the first thing you see? Pod's new game Streamerz.

    This is why he's mad. TIGSource didn't cover it. He always get pissed at TIGSource for not giving him the respect he thinks he deserves. He's still mad about that “Cave Story” jab Derek made years ago.

    This is nothing new, ignore him and move along.

  • bombboy

    I love your objective truth, it's so objective and delicious

  • Mipe

    Make games, not war!

  • snatcher

    can we just ban MrPodunkian already?

    he obviously has no intention of using this site for anything other than expressing his dislike for this site and attention whoring himself. that's I've ever seen him use it for.

    and yes indiegames.com covered your game streamerz. Woohoo. I'm sure TIGSource would have done the same if you weren't such a dick.

  • moi

    This game sucks, first it doesn't look like cave story AT ALL.
    Two it doesn't play like Cave story AT ALL.
    This is outrageous. It doesn't even play like bionic commando either, which is the second only game that is worth posting about.
    This is RIDICULOUS

  • moi

    indiegames.com/blog just steals half of his news from the TIG forums anyway, it's just that he is faster to post them to his frontpage, like a hectic badger on crack. He's so hurried up that most of the time he posts half the news (like that time when he posted about streemerz and never mentioned all the, you know, 51 other games from the Action 52 initiative)

  • RT55J

    I was thinking the same thing too!

  • RT55J

    So guys, what about that game?

  • http://www.indiegames.com/blog mr podonkule

    Hey Derek, Disqus sucks a bit

  • flipzeroto88

    This is the first time I've ever heard of this game (I check out other sites too!) and it looks pretty sweet, I'll have to try it out. So why is that guy such a douche? I definitely won't be playing any of his games, haha.

  • rinkuhero

    hahaha, these comments

    imagine how the guy who made 'his dark majesty' must feel reading these

  • twofortea

    On one hand, TIGSource is my best source for Indie Conferences and Gatherings that I will never go to, and monocle jokes that I don't give a shit about.

    On the other hand, mrpodunkian way of washing his dirty clothes in public is quite a disgrace, especially in a thread about a rare gem like His Dark majesty, which embodies the spirit of “Indie*” more than a fucking remake of a boring game.

    So I'm torn.

    *By “spirit of Indie” I mean making a game on your favorite platform, despite knowing that very few people will take the time to install an emulator to play it, which is quite different than making a game and then whining like a little bitch when you don't get coverage.

  • falsion

    This wasn't me. Nice try though.

    There, I have an account now. This shouldn't happen again.

  • rmiller

    heh whoops… i used a random email (asdfghj at something) and it posted under your name. sorry.

    this blog software sucks.

  • Nrixo

    I think it is kind of hot, it's a classic love-hate story. Plus you know they'd make a handsome couple. Let's make this happen.

  • Derek

    podunkian is gay

  • twofortea

    Lets not discuss out plans here though, lest they get all scrunched on the side and become a mile long strip of 16 pixels.

  • Ilmenit

    Indeed, I had hope to read some constructive comments and all I can say is that I'm embarrassed reading this discussion…

  • http://pleasingfungus.com PleasingFungus

    I saw this game in the forums a little bit ago, and thought it looked really cool. Didn't have the energy to hunt down an emulator, but looking now, I see that there's an installer-version which includes an emulator, so… installing!

    (Also, this may be the best comments thread of all time. All we need is a visit from Derek Smart, and it would be complete!)

  • renkin

    I don't get it. Podunkian is angry for Derek calling his game a Cave Story-like? I mean, it IS extremely similar to Cave Story in graphics, sound effects and gameplay. I thought that was the intention, but I don't see why it would take away from the game. Anyway, His Dark Majesty looks great. I'll try it if I feel like tinkering with an emulator.

  • bradf

    This can be a new indie game. Whoever gets eleven first, they will be proclaimed the winner.

  • TIGSMelly

    What do you guys say we stop focusing on this string of drama and focus instead on the game?

  • Nrixo

    But SMelly, what about the hotness??

  • TIGSMelly

    Hotness is my business dawg.

    And I smell delicious.

  • Rockidr4

    Okay. Lets take a deep breath here.

    I as never trying to compare this game to Cave Story. I was trying to give an example of a game I found out about long after it was made. My point was that maybe, just maybe, even though some news may be old, increasing the number of people who see it is a good thing, even if it is only a small number of people.

    It saddens me that I have contributed to such a massive cluster-fuck flame-war. It seems that more people have been try to convince each other that they are right than look at the fact that different people like different things.

    There are too many thermo-nuclear devices on submarines pointed at the ionosphere and [insert a town near you] to get very upset that some one else thinks something else than you do. In fact, that's how most of those devices got there in the first place.

    Please everyone, realize that we like different things for different reasons, and ragging on other peoples interests and opinions is just a sad way to live your life. Go out and do what you like. Be who you are. Get your information from where you want. Play the games that you want to play.

    Just don't belittle anyone because of anything, that's called being small.

  • falsion

    Why does Derek get to have all the hotness? Pod used to be my hater. He stole him from me. It's fun to be madly in anger with someone who never forgets things that happened years ago. :(

    Maybe if I made a game, he'd comment on it angrily like he did with that one game Wake (http://www.tigsource.com/2010/01/16/wake/) that was made by some other dude he vaguely knew years ago.

    Or maybe I should start an indie gaming site. And make Cave Story ripoff jokes.

  • Anonymous

    Haters don't usually make websites, songs and videogames about you. That's more like what someone does if they have a crush.

  • Ben Hurr

    I was impressed with this games opening cutscenes at least, that stuff's delicious!

  • http://www.indiegames.com/blog moi

    Hey RockiDr4, I wasn't replying to you, but I can pardon you, it is the fault of this shitty comment software.

  • bro

    bro it's a joke

  • Sergio

    I've lost a lot of respect for a lot of people through this comments thread… :(

  • dragonmaw

    Derek, I think a lot of the complaints about TIGsource being too slow would be alleviated if you gave more people writing access to the main blog. I'm sure you're busy working on Spelunky, and TIGsource isn't your main priority. That's cool and stuff, I can respect that. But it would be nice if we had more intelligent writers for the front page, instead of the rare guest column.

    I used to troll (fishing term, not internet term) TIGsource and IndieGames.com equally for new games and insights that I can use for my own writing. Now I stick to the forums. It seems like a lot has been lost over the past two years as the maintainers and primary writers became more popular.

    Maybe it's time for a new generation of writers.

    Regarding His Dark Majesty, I love the game. I would like an “enhanced graphics” option, though. I realize that defeats the point of “atari strategy game” but what can I say, I'm a whore. As is, though, the presentation and gameplay are fab. Great job, Jakob!

  • allen

    Why does it matter who made the compo? A lot of people a part of the TIGSource community are involved, I personally don't see a reason why it shouldn't be posted. Just because Derek doesn't like the creator this whole community project has to be hidden away in shame? Kind of justifies some of Podunkian's comments if you ask me.

  • Rockidr4

    lol, my b.

  • http://www.derekyu.com Derek Yu

    I think it's a great idea, too, but I'm going to put some distance between it and this dramasauce, if you guys don't mind. Someone involved in the competition can also write up a small guest article if they don't want to wait for me. That's always an option.

    FYI, Super Joe told me to check out Streamerz a few days ago. He just told me to check it out, no hurt feelings or nothin'. I appreciate that.

  • http://www.derekyu.com Derek Yu

    I'd love for there to be more writers. Of course, people gave Alexander MacQueen a ton of shit for writing about art games… and then there's this. It's not quite as rewarding as helping needy Third World children. But anyone that feels brave enough (and who isn't planning on taking a dump here) should contact me!

    I'm also talking to Matthew about integrating the forums more with the front page… at the very least we should get some links to popular forum threads updating dynamically on the sidebar or something.

  • Ma

    The drama isn't so weird, TIGSource is a big and popular site that has been listed as one of the “100 most useful websites” by Guardian etc and it seems like it's a go-to site for mainstream journalists who want to find out about indie stuff. If somebody suggests something should improve about it I don't think we should just tell them not to use the site (even if they're being passive aggressive or hyper aggressive or whatever).

    The problem is that most good indie games just aren't posted about here. Every indie game developer wants to get their games on the TIGS front page, but we only get them on Indiegames.com and maybe playthisthing, which is a good 2nd place (I love those site) but still, it feels like it's just 2nd place. I think a lot of the bitterness comes from feeling neglected, that's why people try and find fault with the few titles that are posted. “It's a week old”, “It's another low-rez platformer”, “It's another game from one of Derek's friends”. People don't complain about that over at indiegames.com because basically almost everything worthwhile is covered there. (not that people aren't complaining at indiegames.com! it's just that the complaints are generally about how the game in question sucks rather than how it sucks that tim/michael posted about it)

    Why don't you try and get people who aren't actual indie dev's themselves to write about games? Like, make a regular frontpage post asking for contributors. Like Podunkian said, it'd be great to have more than one site that covers a wide variety of games, and it's always good to have more than one perspective on something.

  • http://www.derekyu.com Derek Yu

    Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. Warning: long reply ahead!

    I'm actually very open to taking on more editors and expanding TIGSource's front page. It's a long-term goal, though, because it's hard to find competent writers who are willing to put in the time. Eventually I'd like to pay editors for their time. Right now it has to be pro bono.

    However, I'm not interested in being as timely or as comprehensive as IndieGames.com. For one thing, IndieGames.com's got that covered. For another, I think it's important to ask why TIGSource has been so successful, and why people want to get on the front page… I think it's because the site does NOT cover every single indie game. I think it's because we focus on community and on the people behind the games, as well. I think it's because we did create a brand, honestly. Some people want me to wield the site's success in a way that was never conducive to the site's success in the first place, and that doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

    But you're right, it could be a lot better. I want to take it a step at a time, though. I could post 100 times next week and it wouldn't change anything long term.

    For what it's worth, that's my personal agenda. I wouldn't do this if it didn't benefit me, but I also wouldn't do it if it didn't benefit anyone else.

  • dukope

    The music in this game is just amazing. The intro graphics are also great and the gameplay looks solid too. I get the feeling that if this game were released 20 years ago or whatever, it would've spawned a classic series and we'd be playing “His Darkestest Majesty 13” on PS3 now.

  • Austin

    Damn it! I just can't find a way to win the battle after you take the town. Love the game so far though.

  • http://flashpunk.net Chevy Ray Johnston

    “I'm also talking to Matthew about integrating the forums more with the front page… at the very least we should get some links to popular forum threads updating dynamically on the sidebar or something.”

    This sounds like a great idea, actually. Not just because I'm active on the forums, but because there's actually lots of content on the forums worth bringing to attention for game developers AND gamers. Such as Moshboy's video series, or Ortoslon's excessive indie game playthroughs, and some of the great discussions/planning going on with TIGdb lately thanks to Godsavant.

    Looking forward to all the future changes :)

  • ws

    I've yet to play the game, but it's got some really nice graphics and awesome music. Love how it's a real homebrew too. I recommended this to a friend who does atari homebrew also and they were pretty impressed.

    I don't really want to, but I can't help but add my 2 cents to the drama here. Derek Yu's done a lot for the indie game community and although I don't know him personally I respect him a lot. I'm not playing favorites either, because I do enjoy Mr. Podunkian's games and I'm looking forward to The Underside. However, I don't think Mr. P's comments were necessary and the arguments they inflamed were embarrassing.

    I like both indiegames and tigsource for different reasons. I feel like indiegames gives me a quick idea of most of the notable games out there, while tigsource takes a more in-depth look at the more meaningful and/or influential releases. Still, I know that neither site is completely comprehensive, so I don't see tigsource as the only meter of quality.

    Basically, I think there's room for both sites, and others as well. Not something to get too worked up over, it's just the internet after all.

  • Ma

    Thanks for the reply!

    I don't think it's necessarily about being as comprehensive as IndieGames.com, but if there's a good game about, what's the reason not to cover it? If it were really the case that only the absolute cream of the crop of indie gaming got featured on TIGsource, that'd be one thing, but I don't think that's true either.

    I don't think the reason Guardian highlighted this site was because it isn't updated very often, and conversely, I don't think TIGSource would be any less popular among mainstream journalists if you started covering more games.

  • Anonymous

    His Dark Majesty Derek You, ruler of all of TigSource, foe of all good and decency, rules the land with and iron fist.
    Help Prince Podunkian take his rightful place as the heir of the throne in this thrilling 8 bit adventure. Recruit troops and heroes from a selection of 26 units, and muster enough forces to defeat the armies of evil minions.
    General Superjoe, the kings trusty general and right hand man, awaits now for your signal in the nearby hills, his freedom fighters at the ready.
    Embark now in this adventure of epic proportions, featuring turn based gameplay and a story of unparalleled drama.
    Coming soon for atari home computers.


    or am i getting it wrong???

    (PD: i havent actually played the game yet, it looks nice)

  • http://www.derekyu.com Derek Yu

    Yeah, I agree! I don't think it's the infrequent updates that make the site popular – that's just a side effect of having a lot of busy game developers as editors (which IS a good thing and helps define the site's personality, imo). Some day I'd like to take on more dedicated editors. In the meantime, people can submit guest articles or ask me about becoming a part-time editor.

    By the way, if there are some games you're thinking about specifically that you want to see covered, by all means recommend them to me.

  • ortoslon

    spelunky rocks (yes, i've played it)

  • http://www.klikscene.com Radix

    “Steals”? Seriously? Think about this.

    But yeah timw does occasionally miss some of a story–but for such an incredible one-man that he's doing… I wouldn't even say I overlook it. There's nothing to overlook. He pretty much outdoes every other indie source, combined almost.

    Also, holy shit. Everything about this thread is terrible.

  • sanon

    do you mean trawl