Enough Plumbers

By: Paul Eres

On: May 17th, 2010

Enough Plumbers, by Radix and MrPodunkian is a well-crafted puzzle platformer with a cloning mechanic and character transformation power-ups. The action is secondary to the puzzle element, although there is some base level of dexterity required.

I thought the polish was very well done, particularly the music (although the Mario-like sounds every time you collect a coin do get a bit annoying after a while). The puzzles are also very clever; most of the puzzles later on require using several of the the different clones in different ways.

My only real complaint is that up is jump; I prefer some other keyboard button alternative, so that I can move with one hand and jump with the other. But because the game isn’t that action-based it wasn’t as big of a problem as it’d be otherwise.

The game is based on an earlier game of Radix’s called Enough Marios, which is simpler and less polished, and which I link to mainly because of its awesome cover art.

  • Dodger

    Really enjoying this clever little title. I've been playing and going back to it in short bursts for a while now. I think the most clever thing about it is how deceptively simple the gameplay is with each new level gaining in complexity. I might even use the word “perplexing” at first, but the puzzle elements become clearer and clearer even though each new stage becomes more a little more difficult than the last. It's a very fun idea for a Mario-like “knock-off”, it's not a clone in any way, but the Mario influences are easily apparent. This is another great little time waster! If you're looking for a new fun flash title there are few others quite like it as it is unique and as Paul said, well polished (though by his sentence up above you could mistake this game for containing the Polish language – since the polish was well done ;-) *JK Paul*

    This one is up there with VVVVVV and When Pigs Fly in terms of fun and quality, in my opinion.


    It's like I'm really in April!

  • http://squareduck.blogspot.com StephenM3

    I'd respond to Douglas's post above me, but it happened in the past (by a whole nine minutes, no less) and is therefore no longer worth mentioning. We should all aspire to only talk about things as they are happening, or before.

  • twofortea

    I hereby demand that this site only report on games released after today.

    Not game “to be release after today”, but games “released after today”. I want Derek to query the future, and post his opinions only based on what psychics tell them of the game. I'll be conciliant, I will allow any kind of future prediction device.

    While I understand that this is a blog, I want that good for nothing Derek Yu to start spending his life dedicated to that site. I want him to be obligated, forcefully if needs be, to stay on top of things and post all of his games before IndieGames.com, which I visit as well, so one could think that I don't need repetition, BUT I DO!



    now you guys are talkin

  • C.A. Sinclair

    I finished this a week ago. I'm usually not big into puzzle platformers but this really hit a sweet spot due to original concept, extremely clever level design and the presence of totally generic Italian plumbers.

    I disagree with the game's title though, you can never have enough plumbers, except if they wear ties.

  • Matlock

    I disagree; I think that, no matter how good the game may be, (and that doesn't even enter the equation in my mighty opinion), it falls flat on its face purely because it's really, really, REALLY pretentious!!

  • Matlock

    By the way, that was a joke about pretentiousness; I'm gonna download and give this game a try now :)

  • trialbyicecream

    It's a browser game…

    In other news: This site is becoming irrelevant, seeing as how almost all the games posted on here have been mentioned on the indiegames.com the weblog… months ago…

  • joehonkie

    I loved this and then I got stuck on a level halfway through, but it was a really neat experience: good parody of the source material, clever play mechanics, etc.

  • Dodger

    I say we all take a running front kick to DOUGLAS' balls!

    Here Here!


  • dragonmaw

    I think you are missing the point. TIGsource is meant to be more in-depth than IndieGames. The post schedule being less frequent is a result of most of the posters either getting shamed away (Alex MacQueen) or dealing with real-world stuff (Derek, Brandon). Paul is one of the few posters left who can do a reasonably frequent posting schedule.

    TIGS fills a different niche than IndieGames.com. If you want a link to the game, visit Tim. If you want a discussion about the game, visit here.

  • http://clintmakesagame.wordpress.com TheCube

    I say we try to be more sarcastic and ironic rather than sincere about our love of independent games! Right on, commenters!

    Anyway, this game is awesome, even though I suck at it and got stuck at like level 8 or something. It's kind of like those end of level replays from Super Meat Boy, except live.

  • http://flashpunk.net Chevy Ray Johnston

    *YAWN* somebody change the record.

  • http://flashpunk.net Chevy Ray Johnston

    Such a fantastic game. I want an audio sample of that “WAHOOOO” so I can have it as my cell phone ringtone. Every time somebody called me, I'd be so damn happy.

  • dancefloor

    the only reason this was featured is because radix made it. derek and the people he hires to write articles dont care about podunkian. i feel so sorry for podunkian. he loves Derek so much and he gets treated like this. i can't imagine the heartbreak he must face every day knowing that Derek will never acknowledge him. poor guy, unrequited love sucks so much

  • rinkuhero

    there's no hiring going on, we're volunteers

  • El Topo

    I played this last week. It's good, but it gets way too hard after a dozen or so levels.

  • http://www.klikscene.com Radix
  • annihilatorbeta

    And I still haven't beaten this game yet.
    Nice to see it on the front page. Finally.

  • alastair john jack

    I played this game!