Teasers: Friday Night Fights

By: Derek Yu

On: November 5th, 2010

Hey, let’s take a look at some indie fighters that are coming down the pipeline!

First up is a new alpha release video of Wolfire Games’ bunny beat ’em up, Overgrowth. The team reached a big milestone recently and began working on the game’s combat engine. To celebrate, they’re throwing a Beard Drive to get fans to subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Skullgirls is an all-girl fighting game that’s the brainchild of indie artist Alex Ahad. The game has been around in some form or another since at least 2006, but things seem to be picking up these days. Mike “Mike Z” Zaimont, an ex-Pandemic employee and veteran of the fighting game scene, is handling the programming for the game, so hopefully it will end up being very competitive.

Click here for another video that explains the fighting system of the game.

Finally, here’s an obscure one: Gomanna (also known as Don Quixote?) is a brutal fighting game by Park Pyoung Lyong that also features an all-girl cast. It sounds like it’s a big pain in the ass to run the demo (for some reason it involves installing a Korean instant messenger program), so the word is out on how good the game actually is, but hey, I really like the look of this short clip! Head over here for more information about Gomanna, including how to run the demo (lemme know if it’s fun!).

  • The Monster King

    whoa fighting games my favorite

    i need to do that article… hhheh…

    i dont like the characters in it but otherwise skull girls looks greaat, awesome animation and if its Mike Z im bettin' the gameplay will be top tier

    donquixote looks different, it looks a bit clunky on that video but i guess its too short

    im not sure i want to install a random instant message client though

    but i guess it makes it SO INDIE

  • Mike Hunt

    Making you install crapware to play a game seems to be the very opposite of indie. To me at least. Maybe I'm weird.

  • PeterShultz

    overgrowth looks amazing now!

  • Tyetheczar

    Time will tell whether Skullgirls will trump Immaterial & Missing Power and Scarlet Weather Rhapsody as the penultimate all-girl fighter(sorry Arcana Heart, Vanguard Princess).

  • John Sandoval

    Whoa. At first I didn't notice, but that girl gets her LEG chopped off.

  • The Monster King

    whats immaterial and missing power and why have i never heard of it

    though im not exactly a particular fan of all girl fighting game

    or scarlet weather rhapsody
    fucking touhou

  • Lorne Whiting

    Is that some modern Bushido Blade? Alas, if only it was easy to run.

  • Mike Hunt

    I didn't notice till you mentioned it :(

  • http://twitter.com/ckruuskopf CK

    Overgrowth looks SO awesome.

  • http://twitter.com/HeroOfTheFSA Joseph Gibson

    crapware is inherently indie if you ask me, video game commentator super joe

  • mutedia

    I hope they get to 10,000 subscribers, I want to see him with a bad combover

  • Mike Hunt

    I never asked you.
    But, I should have.

  • Adam

    Liking what I see of Skullgirls but the sound effects and hits seem to lack the punch I'd expect from a fighting game.

    Although I fail to see how it's “a significant step forward in the fighting genre”…

  • manky

    I kept replaying that video just to watch that part. I was shocked but laughing so hard.

  • http://www.bigpants.ca Bigpants

    Overall, I'm looking forward to Overgrowth BUT…

    What's the benefit of failing at a regular jump?
    Consider preventing the player from flipping when they're past the point of no return,
    so rag doll crashes never occur when they land.
    It's like knocking me out if I strafe into a wall in a FPS.

    Who needs a short jump? It's so tiny.
    Looking at the video, a long jump is what I'll use 99% of the time.
    Why force me to constantly hold the button to get it?
    Little Big Planet is guilty of this crime.

  • The Waffle King

    Accidentally hitting the jump button in the middle of a fight in Lugaru is PAIN. No longer with this feature!

  • Lorne Whiting

    HEY, MAN, flipping wrong is so worth it. >:(

  • Adamski

    Surprised Aces Wild isnt mentioned, looks pretty darn awesome from the youtube videos Ive seen of it, and Im not usually a fan of fighting games.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ivan.lazarte Ivan Lazarte

    Are those mountains in overgrowth NOT a skybox? what engine is that?

  • Spinyofdoom

    Overgrowth…. LOOKS SO SEXY GOOD.