Indie Games! The Big Video Project

By: ithamore

On: November 21st, 2010

In an act of altruism for the indie community, Pixel Prospector has been running a contest to promote commercial indie games, called Indie Games! The Big Video Project, to help spread some love beyond the freeware, WIP-demo core of the site. The contest simply requires players to submit a 6 second clip of a commercial indie game for potential inclusion in a compilation video. Multiple entries for different games are allow per person, and the deadline is December 12th for submissions.

For the best videos among those selected, there are 185 prizes available: 15 copies of 4 versions of video recording software and 170 copies of 34 games. More details on the contest and its rules and prizes are available at Pixel Prospector’s announcement for the contest.

  • seraph


  • Pita Magic

    Is that Chun Li?

  • Ian Chamberlin

    Yep…I'd recognize that anywhere.

  • Rams

    Do we really need another video compilation? :

  • 0rel

    dont like

  • srduncan

    what is the music used in this clip? i like it. :) and any compilation video is chill. good idea

  • MisterX

    I like the idea, as there are lots of commercial indie games which are a bit overlooked, and only relatively few “blockbusters”. I just wonder how many good submissions there will be. At least I probably couldn't even record any game that is a bit more demanding with the free software I got.

  • updowners

    Did you even bother watching the whole video?

  • PixelProspector

    Thanks for the mention ithamore :)

  • Ithamore

    There are only about 30 entries so far, so there is a great chance of winning a prize for anyone who enters a new video. Also, AuthenticKaizen is now encouraging entries of 30 second clips.