Top Indie Games of 2010 (According to the TIGSource Forums)

By: Paul Eres

On: December 31st, 2010

I asked people what their personal favorite indie game releases of 2010 were in the forums; this is a compiled list. Each mention got one vote per person. There were a lot of ties, which is why the numbering is a bit wonky. Minecraft isn’t officially a 2010 game (it hasn’t been released yet and was first put on sale in 2009) but was included because it gained its popularity and most of its content in 2010.

1. Super Meat Boy


3. Hero Core

4. Minecraft

4. Super Crate Box

6. Streemerz

7. L’Abbaye Des Morts

8. Amnesia: the Dark Descent

8. Hydorah

8. Space Funeral

8. Desktop Dungeons

12. Norrland


13. Limbo

13. Revenge of the Titans

16. Give up Robot 2

16. Recettear: an Item Shop’s Tale

16. suteF

19. Houkaimura

19. Flotilla

19. Digital: a Love Story

All other games had either two or one votes. Games with two votes were Depict1, Octodad, Arvoesine, Ceramic Shooter: Electric Poem, Sombreros, Towerclimb, Transformice, Ninja Senki, Solipskier, Shoot First, Bit.Trip.Runner, Puzzle Dimension, Joe Danger, and Zen Bound 2. Games with a single vote are too long to list but can be found in the forum thread.

  • Nikica

    It's Recettear

  • rinkuhero

    thanks, fixed!

  • greyyo

    digital: a love story would've gotten my vote.

  • Guest

    so sad… people have no taste anymore.

  • AGuy

    why not say which games you prefer instead of just being a useless douchebag 8)

  • AnotherGuy

    What AGuy said.
    Way to be incredibly unconstructive.

  • Fumicrosoft

    I dont think Limbo is Indie. Maybe when game was born in mind. Now Playdead is “doggy” of m$.

  • AGuy

    this wasn't a poll or the Official Tigsource top 10, it was just people saying which indie games they liked the most. please don't get this argument going here it's not even really relevant :I

  • dazlog

    There are two numbers 19. :D

  • david pucko

    revenge of the titans looks so cool! :o gotta buy that game :o

    besides that, give up robot was a cool game :)

  • Nikica

    Three actually.

  • Joseph Gibson

    Unban Super Joe and uproot the clown hegemony, but while you're at it play Houkaimura.

  • rinkuhero

    edit: wrong person who i replied to

  • rinkuhero

    read the intro paragraph some time: it mentions the reason

  • rinkuhero

    it was part of the recent humble indie game bundle

  • rinkuhero

    i actually agree, which is why i didn't vote for it. but the forum seems to think it's indie, even though it has a 2-3 million dollar budget and a team of more than a dozen people.

  • shipwreck

    Looks like I've got some games to play…

  • MisterX

    I've only seen few screenshots of Space Funeral, it never interested me much. But, watching the video now, the soundtrack really “wowed” me :)

  • rinkuhero

    i think it's more like this: most people don't play very many indie games, even indie game developers (just read the thread and you'll see people admitting to as much over and over), so they vote for the ones they *did* play, which tend to be the most popular platformers.

    if all the voters played, say, space funeral or digital: a love story, maybe the results would be different. but it's just a fact of life that your game is far more likely to be played if it's a platformer, at least on tigsource.

    so even if you disagree with the results, it's really not bad taste at all. it's unequal exposure to games that lead to the results skewing towards hardcore platformers. unless of course you feel that some *other* hardcore platformers deserve to be mentioned which were not mentioned, in which case i sympathize because nobody voted for gigadeep besides me.

    but most impressively to me, the number of indie games with only a single vote was astronomical: this shows that tastes do vary widely. the real winners to me this year are the games which had only one person vote for them, because they made enough of an impression on somebody to be remembered even though they weren't all that popular.

  • mosh

    Looks like a solid list. I've played a few of them but will have to get around to playing the rest at some point.

  • xdiesp6

    I wish you could play the Meatboy hype itself, that was ace. Because the game itself, ugh…

  • yet another guy

    i think people forgot Joe Danger :( It deserves a mention.

  • yet another guy

    Ouch it's actually mentioned :)

  • AGuy

    haha yeah, sometimes everybody seems to like games that i dislike, too!!2 what's up with that??/ what douchebags!!1

  • AGuy

    yeah, space funeral seems intriguing . it's kind of cool that a game that looks like that was mentioned that many times (then again it was also on tigsource recently but i'm going to be optimistic and assume that's not why)

  • Phubans

    I didn't see MADHOUSE on there.

  • rinkuhero

    that's cause you didn't make madhouse in 2010

  • DrOctapu

    WTF is up with that numbering?

  • Janrela

    Space Funeral is the kind of game that you don't understand fully if you're not rooted in RPGMaker 2k3 culture. Basically what catamites did was flip off every person who focuses on graphics and focuses on gameplay constantly refining and perfecting without ever getting anything done or much less releasing anything. It is a problem that really plagues RPGMaker when people have plenty of ideas and not enough time.
    I notice a lot of people didn't understand the ending, when they were returned to the “perfect” world… that's the explanation behind the joke.
    That's not to say you can't enjoy it otherwise it'll just mean you're missing a few points.
    The soundtrack is indeed excellent and the reason most people like the game, right next to the funky graphics.

  • rinkuhero

    wtf is up with people not reading the first paragraph which explains the numbering

  • Contact

    VVVVVV was my favorite. It's just so damn charming, every aspect of it!

  • bjohndook

    I would just like to say I thought this was a pretty good list.

    I mean I've played nearly all of them and this is a list of pretty decent recommendations for nearly anybody.

    For a personal plug I'll go with the bottom though – Digital : A Love Story.
    I went into that one cautiously, figuring I could ditch out if it didn't get me in the first few minutes, and ended up getting sucked into it through the whole thing.

  • Mr Valzi

    yeah, just because a game is good doesn’t mean i like it! if i don’t like a game, it shouldn’t be in lists! even if it’s the best game, because there’s no way i would like the best game! ugh…

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  • John Scott

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