Top Indie Games of 2010 (According to the TIGSource Forums)

By: Paul Eres

On: December 31st, 2010

I asked people what their personal favorite indie game releases of 2010 were in the forums; this is a compiled list. Each mention got one vote per person. There were a lot of ties, which is why the numbering is a bit wonky. Minecraft isn’t officially a 2010 game (it hasn’t been released yet and was first put on sale in 2009) but was included because it gained its popularity and most of its content in 2010.

1. Super Meat Boy


3. Hero Core

4. Minecraft

4. Super Crate Box

6. Streemerz

7. L’Abbaye Des Morts

8. Amnesia: the Dark Descent

8. Hydorah

8. Space Funeral

8. Desktop Dungeons

12. Norrland


13. Limbo

13. Revenge of the Titans

16. Give up Robot 2

16. Recettear: an Item Shop’s Tale

16. suteF

19. Houkaimura

19. Flotilla

19. Digital: a Love Story

All other games had either two or one votes. Games with two votes were Depict1, Octodad, Arvoesine, Ceramic Shooter: Electric Poem, Sombreros, Towerclimb, Transformice, Ninja Senki, Solipskier, Shoot First, Bit.Trip.Runner, Puzzle Dimension, Joe Danger, and Zen Bound 2. Games with a single vote are too long to list but can be found in the forum thread.

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