Preview: Koruruto No Saji Akuma

By: Derek Yu

On: January 27th, 2011

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“Q Handmade Games” aka Misi, a Japanese developer whose previous creation ecolpit was an audience favorite at the Sense Of Wonder Night in 2009, has just released a trailer for his new project [Note: I’m posting this a couple of weeks late. Apologies. -ed.]. “Koruruto’s Spoon Devil” would perhaps best be described as a bullet hell/danmaku arena shooter, but is a lot more forgiving than what you might expect from a game belonging to that genre.

The game features quite an original control system, which puts you in control of two characters at the same time. Kororuto the Witch, the slower and more vulnerable of the two, is controlled with the keyboard, while her lovable pet monster “the Spoon Devil” follows the mouse cursor. Both characters will automatically target the enemy closest to them and they carry separate, upgradeable weapons. They also have separate health meters, hopefully making for an interesting game of balance.

Misi hopes to give it a shareware release “as soon as it’s done”, with the two first levels of the game available for free.

  • Bernard Fran├žois

    The 'control two avatars' gameplay makes me think of Schizoid – which has a free demo on Xbox Live Arcade (on youtube:… ).

    I'm curious about how it would feel to control two avatars in this game though. In Schizoid, the two avatars are controlled using identical input means (left and right analog stick), while here it are two different input means. Perhaps the keyboard + mouse combination would feel quite intuitive, as it's quite a common combination for PC games…

  • Blegh…/
    Original control system?

  • RazzRox

    This looks like a lot of fun. Gonna keep my eye on it.

  • Marcus Richert

    Hi Blegh, yeah, now that you mention it it is somewhat similar to the control system of Fat Cat (great game btw). It's obviously quite a bit different though, there's no auto-aiming in Fat Cat for example. At any rate, I don't think the existence of Fat Cat means Koruruto's control system isn't original.