Hot Throttle

By: Lorne Whiting

On: February 18th, 2011

Hot Throttle, by cactus

A little late, but cactus recently released a new game through Adult Swim’s Flash portal [With the help of Mark Johns, aka Doomlaser. -Ed.]. Hot Throttle is a surreal racing game where you unleash your carsona, racing against fellow nude carsonas while avoiding garbage cans, hobos, and robots. The graphics are all simple and pastel, lending the game a simultaneously cute and unsettling look, with the numerous cutscenes definitely contributing to the ‘creepy’ aspect of the races.

In other cactus-related news: he posted a teaser image for a new Mondo game on his blog. Alas, one of the only series of games that actually uses the 3D part of Game Maker.

  • John Sandoval

    The humor in this game is top-notch; the gameplay, less so. It's much too easy to get mixed up in a race, and taking wrong turns is almost guaranteed the first time through a race. But if cactus had fixed that, I would definitely have played past the third level.

  • Valzi

    I'm confused about everyone referring to the racers as nude. Several articles have done so, but they're actually wearing underwear, which is equal to a swimsuit. Either way, it's not very nude at all. Anyway, agree with Sandoval.

  • Phubans

    “Another Cactus related news”?? Shouldn't it be “In other Cactus related news”??

  • Derek Yu


  • kYn

    I think this game hates me.

    Oh, and this isn't just a cactus game, you should probably credit doomlaser as well.

  • Phubans

    Thanks. I noticed you also cleaned up some other stuff like adjectives that could have come off as a little biased and invited some negativity.

  • Priofaz

    the guys with the hat remind me of the precision guy

  • allen

    the beach level is pretty confusing, but once you play it at least one time it's a lot easier the second time around.

  • Lugburz

    I cannot stand this Cactus guy or any of the games he's made. Everything about him annoys me.

  • John Sandoval

    Speaking in those sorts of absolutes is pretty silly, especially if you've never met the guy in person.

  • Lugburz

    I don't need to meet the guy in person to know that this and everything else he does is gay-ass hipster garbage.

  • John Sandoval


  • Asd

    the good thing about cactus is that he just makes shit he thinks is cool. it doesn't even matter because there's so much of it.

  • lugburz

    There's something about what he does, and about a lot of indie games, that annoys me to a huge extent. “clean asia” is in a genre I typically like, but the boss battling stuff isn't my thing, I prefer more normal arena shooters.

  • Spankie

    Whatever happened to Brain Damaged Toon Underworld or whatever it was called? I really wanted to play that…

  • -LG

    “There's something about what he does, and about a lot of indie games, that annoys me to a huge extent.” – Why are you here, then? Cactus was one of the earlier game designers to be posted on this site, and TIGSource covers a lot of games that are weird or “artsy.” Moreover, why do you feel the need to discredit an aesthetic you don't enjoy for no reason other than self-gratification?

  • lugburz

    “Why are you here, then?”

    Well, you're right, because Cactus is the only thing here. Oh, wait, he isn't.

    But there is indeed a lot of navelgazing garbage here by and for artfags. My guess is you're one of them.

  • Doesnot

    Haha good kneejerking and generalizing you have there.

    Anyway, I was always wondering who exactly are “artfags”? If pressed I'd classify TIG guys as blue collar fun-loving manhugging site, with as much interest in art as any curious and somewhat creative guy next door… How does one become “artfag”?