Natural Selection 2 Build 163

By: Derek Yu

On: February 18th, 2011

Dynamic infestation was a proposed feature of Natural Selection 2 as far back as 2006 (warning: video with significantly louder audio), when the game was still running on the Half-Life 2 Source engine. It’s only now, with build 163, that it’s has been added to the game’s custom engine, along with a host of other features and bug fixes. The infestation works very similarly to the creep in Starcraft – alien structures can only be built on top of it.

Natural Selection 2 is a multiplayer FPS/strategy game where players can take on the role of either a commander, who has a top-down view of the level, or a variety of grunts that are controlled from the first-person view. If you pre-order the game you can start playing the beta immediately.

  • David Pucko

    looks really nice :)

  • Negative 0

    Excellent! for a small team these guys are really shelling out something impressive!

  • Vincent

    How do I shot web?

  • Evan Balster

    Hooray for having an active frontpage again!

    Keep it up, Derek.

  • Ryan Szrama

    How is babby formed?

  • Adalore

    Oh hey, the rifle has a melee attack now, I am looking forward to bonking sulks.
    Though I hope the flamethrower requires a constant application to keep the infestation burning, and that grenades don't keep rolling and bouncing on infestation, it just doesn't make sense. :)

  • syzygy

    Oh new features.

    *cough* creep *cough* spine crawlers

  • Ezuku

    I hope the game's a little more balanced now though, the old balance was pretty botched. Whee, I'm a marine and can instagib skulks with my shotgun, it's totally fair that I'm better in melee than they are.

  • Vinícius Figueiredo

    Natural Selection Forever?