Link-Dead Build 1969

By: Derek Yu

On: March 2nd, 2011

Link-Dead, by Michał Marcinkowski

There’s a new build of Link-Dead out that adds a lot of new features, including improvements to the movement system and interface, melee weapons, new player customizations, and “humiliations” that let you behead your opponents or piss on them.

  • Findude

    For what it matters from a random internet person, I really do recomend it.
    More people are needed, as long as you don't mind getting shot up a bit.

  • Marty Rabens

    “… or piss on them.”

    Wait. What?

  • renkin

    I love the log messages in the screenshot.

  • Doesnot

    The far background image in the screenshot makes no sense, how can the area where the sun is be gray.

  • Laserdracula

    Well that's lovely.

  • Horowitz

    Surprisingly, pissing on people is much cleaner than T-Bagging them. Obviously you want neither, but if you had a choice, you'd take the piss as opposed to having someone's sweaty jizbag in your face. At least piss, most piss, is sterile – at least in the absence of a disease condition. So, since this is a game we're talking about, it becomes a completely acceptable form of insult and humiliation, without the added guilt or fear of waking up with pubic hair in ones mouth. It's a progressive step in the right direction of gaming pwnage and 0wn1ngdom. At least we've made it out of the “German Shizer Special” stage… nobody enjoyed losing a game during that era.

  • Xyx

    I'm not aware of any game that has implemented a tea-bagging system, and assumed it to exist only within the imaginations of the depraved. Acknowledgment of it through game design seems to be step in the wrong direction.

  • Guest

    Well don't look to MM for the “right” direction. The game plays ok, but every time I've encountered the guy who makes it (either ingame or on the forum/production blog) all I can sense is immaturity.

    Again, not saying he's bad at what he does… Just that he is very immature.

  • Findude


    It's acid piss.

  • VoodooChild


    You must be extremely young if you don't remember the implementation of the T-Bagging system. Obviously it made a leap from another form of entertainment before hitting the video game. (see Pornographic entertainment for reference)

    The “T-Bag” a.k.a. “The Corpse Hump” has been around since before Halo: Combat Evolved (released 2001) for the original Xbox but made it's world-wide debut when Halo 2 was released in 2004. Halo 2 brought the popularity and demand for the T-Bag right into gamers homes all over the world. As we all know, Halo 2 was the most popular game EvAR, and everything before it was just suxor. This made gaming in 1st Person Shooters much more fun, especially when the T-Bag was coupled with verbal abuse and harassment. In mid 2004, Microsoft tried to trademark the T-Bag but were unable to do so since the T-Bag was originally “discovered” in 82 B.C., quite by accident I might add, by an Egyptian slave driver. The rest was history. Fast Forward 2000+ years and now you can find all kinds of humiliation, absolutely free. Some say if not for the T-Bag, television shows such as Big Brother, Survivor, Fear Factor, American Idol, and many others, wouldn't have seen the light of day without the ever popular T-Bag.

    Obviously, being pissed on is a step up… as mentioned earlier, it's sterile.

  • Kyle Hipke

    this game is really fun and totally worth the minimal amount you can choose to pay for it. The tactical nature of the 2d combat really makes it stand out from soldat. I agree, more people need to play this.

  • Anonymus

    I can see Derek playing with himself in the screenshots :)

  • jameskond

    I bought this, but can't remember why guess it's the whole pre-alpha shit :)

  • Guest

    There's nothing going on that screen! Check out the videos of how you can impale a guy on a spear:
    or cut off a head: